Cameras Installed On Buses As Assaults Increase

Photo by Erica Sherman

Welcome Big Brother!

Hoping to provide everyone with more safety, the NYPD and MTA are installing cameras and driver safety partitions in hundreds of buses, according to the New York Post.

Since last year, the number of felony assaults against bus drivers rose by 20 percent, and authorities hope the cameras will stop crimes from happening or help police identify the suspects. With 195 buses already having cameras in them, the MTA hopes to add 231 camera-equipped buses to the fleet in the spring. Sheepshead Bites’ transit writer, Allan Rosen, tells us they’ve been installed in the recent batch of B1 buses.

“An attack against any MTA employee is an attack against all of us, and we will do everything we can to eliminate these deplorable acts,” said Joseph Lhota, the MTA executive director.

Now whenever the MTA purchases a new bus, it will come with a Plexiglass partition. As for the old ones, they plan to place the partition in them. Little by little, all 4,576 buses will have tools to prevent crime.