Calling Out The Non-Pooper-Scoopers

Calling Out The Non-Pooper-Scoopers
Curb Your Dog, Poop

We’ve been enjoying the new site Park Slope for Pets, which they describe as “a lively social hub where people come to swap stories about their pets, get advice, read about upcoming events, and learn about local pet services,” and we recently noticed an interesting forum on there called The Pooper Snooper.

The page gives people an opportunity to call out “neighbors breaking the cardinal rules of pet etiquette” by not cleaning up after their dogs — and to do so anonymously. The only rules are that you should keep your comments “fairly civil” and not use names.

So far, there are just a few generic complaints that may do more to allow the, shall we say, poop victims to let go, rather than do much to embarrass or guilt the pooper into actually being a responsible dog owner and cleaning up after their pet. Here’s an example from our area:

There is always dog poop on the corner of sixth ave and Garfield Pl! Whenever I walk by there, the sidewalk is a mess. It’s so gross. Who is doing this? Park Slopers, keep a look out! Let’s find this person and tell them to pick up after their dog.

So could The Pooper Snooper be the answer to neighbors’ concerns about mounting piles of dog doo? Are the non-scoopers immune to such tactics? Or is there a better way to keep our streets clean?