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Ceasar’s Bay Kohl’s To Re-Open April 7

After Sandy, Toys’R’Us installed a temporary warehouse in time for the holiday season. Kohl’s wasn’t able to, and missed out on the holidays. They’ll return April 7. (Photo: Elle Spektor)

After the damage Superstorm Sandy caused to the Ceasar’s Bay Kohl’s, locals, like me, have felt a void in their hearts without the store. Their Kohl’s charge cards have collected dust. The ads on TV were a cruel reminder of what was no more.

Luckily, Kohl’s lovers everywhere can rejoice! The store, located at 8973 Bay Parkway, is reopening on April 7 for all to enjoy.

Kohl’s was one of the worst hit by Sandy in late October, shortly after completing a renovation to much of the store. The storm caused damage to several other stores, including Toys’R’Us, which has moved into a different building in Ceasar’s Bay.

After months of waiting the beloved store will open its doors to a community that welcomes it back with open arms.

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