Brooklyn Cyclones To Celebrate 100th Anniversary Of Ebbets Field With $1.50 Box Seats

Ebbets Field via

Yesterday was opening day in baseball. I’m a huge baseball fan and it was glorious. My favorite team, the Mets, won handily and the Yankees got a healthy spanking from the Boston Red Sox. I was so juiced up on baseball, I couldn’t help myself but turn my account to the Dodgers home opener against the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. Vin Scully, 85-years-young, was calling the game and he was as sharp and as beautiful to listen to as ever.

Scully has been working in baseball for so long that he was calling games for the the Dodgers when they were playing in Ebbets Field down in Flatbush. Ebbets Field closed down in 1957 when the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958. In one of the saddest days in Brooklyn history, the stadium was demolished in 1960, signifying the end of a golden age in New York baseball history.

The Brookyln Cyclones, the first professional sports franchise to return to Brooklyn since the Dodgers left, are honoring the 100th anniversary of Ebbets Field (first opened April 9, 1913) with a fabulous deal for old time Dodgers fans, die-hard Mets fans and baseball lovers in general.

On April 9, the Cyclones will be selling a limited number of box seats for $1.50, the same price of an Ebbets Field box seat in 1913, for an August 29 game. The tickets will be available at 10 a.m. on

The Cyclones will also be wearing replica 1913 jerseys and the first 3000 fans in attendance will receive a free replica jersey themselves! The thought of owning a replica jersey like that for price of $1.50 makes me drool considering most jerseys these days are sold for upwards of $200. Also, instead of announcers being heard over the speaker system, there will be “barkers” with megaphones walking on top of the dugout and all ads will be shown in black and white.

Wow, talk about retro-chic! Sounds great. I for one plan to attend this game to honor Brooklyn baseball history and grab the awesome free gear.  Hope to see you there.


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