Brooklyn Borough President Launches #BLKCoffeeInBK Tour


Mr. Adams is a man of his word. On Tuesday, after we published the list of Black-Owned Coffee Shops in Brooklyn, our Borough President, Eric Adams announced he planned to not just tweet about it#BLKCoffeeinBK, but support these local businesses:

He plans to visit every single one of them over the next month or so. Today, he visited three:

He also visited SolSips.

He only has 34 more to go, but we keep adding daily to the list so Mr Adams may develop quite the coffee habit 😉

If he keeps giving heads up, this is your chance neighbors – follow him on Twitter at @BPEricAdams and you get to meet him over a cup of coffee!

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  1. Given my commitments right now, not to mention my middle-aged metabolism, I can’t visit all 34. Could we have something like a list of the Top Ten, based on who has the best coffee? 10 I might be able to do.


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