Brooklyn App’ helps small businesses compete with Amazon for the Holidays


Each year the Holiday Season seems to get busier…. Not sure how that happens, but there are parties, family dinners, business gatherings, holiday cards, shopping, shopping, and did I mention shopping? But this Year, you will not have to browse the Internet for hours nor to trek the City in search of the perfect gifts, since there is a better way to Shop in town!

via Hi Commerce

Introducing a new App, named Hi. Think of it as your “Local Personal Shopper”.
No idea what to get for the Holidays? Just go on the App’, make an inquiry and Local Shops reply to you by curating items and sending recommendations.
Find the perfect match? Buy it from the App or make a reservation for in-store pickup. You just saved tons of time while supporting the Local Economy.

via Hi Commerce

This App operates in Brooklyn with the collaboration of the City and the 5th Avenue BID. It brings together small businesses to compete with Amazon and make Shopping easier, meaningful and closer to home.

Go to to download the App’ and get one-of-a-kind gifts for the persons you love.

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