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Brit Actress Cites Tatiana’s As Her Favorite Eatery

Source: Thorsten via Google Maps

British-born star of Match Point, Lars and the Real Girl and The Pink Panther, Emily Mortimer, has nothing but love for Little Odessa.

She calls Tatiana’s at 3152 Brighton 6th Street  her favorite restaurant for romantic dinners with her husband.

According to Mortimer, “On romantic outings in Brooklyn, my husband and I go to a Russian restaurant called Tatiana. It’s on the sea; you order in Russian and get answered in English.”

Mortimer, who studied Russian at Oxford, likes to practice her skills on the boardwalk.

There you have it, folks. The British really are coming. To Brighton.

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  1. When an episode of Doctor Who is filmed there (rather than just under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge), I’ll believe the British are coming.

    Hey, it’s even plausible: The TARDIS could be headed to Brighton Beach’s UK namesake and end up in Brooklyn instead. 🙂


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