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Brighton’s Bicycle Gunman Ex-Husband Of Victim


What seemed like a random shooting by a bicycle-bound gunman in Brighton Beach on October 20 may have actually been a domestic dispute, and authorities have arrested the victim’s ex-husband.

Dimitry Kamenev, 76, is accused of opening fire from a girl’s bicycle on Alla Kamenev, 65, at Sea Breeze Avenue and West 2nd Street on Thursday. Cops say it was Kamenev who was filmed on a surveillance camera riding a girl’s bike near the spot just minutes before the shooting.

The woman’s ex-husband, Kamenev was charged with murder and ciminal use of a firearm on Tuesday. Witnesses aided in the investigation, identifying Kamenev as the suspect.

According to an NBC report, the couple had been separated for several years.

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  1. Hmm he rides bicycle at 76 that’s pretty good. Stay healthy old man for all the prison rape that awaits you.

    PS In Soviet Russia bicycle rides you? No big Bubba rides you and you don’t even have to put it in H.

  2. I was going to comment that this didn’t sound like a random shooting.  I was suspecting a husband but didn’t think it was right to speculate.  Looks like I was not that far off. 

  3. Darn old man throws all the crime statistics off 😉

    How much must one hate his wife – they didn’t even live together for years!  Of course, we should wait for conviction first…

  4. I had a feeling that the gunman knew his victim.  Who just goes up to a person and shoots them (and not rob them)?  This was a tragedy. 

  5. That’s a Great question.  Another great question is, where did a 76 year old man, get a Gun! and that Bike!

  6. Oh Snap! Your Right!  My Apologies if my Comments offended anyone.


    he just had us fooled by all the other crap going out in Brooklyn now a days… i’m still Questioning where a 76 year old dude got a Gun! 🙁 Perhaps from the Corrupt Cops who sold Guns? Whats up with that btw?

  7. The woman lived in my mom’s building, but nobody I know seemed to know her…. It’s a terrible event, but I feel better it wasn’t a random shooting, since I walk that area quite often…

  8. my grandfather was Russian. He was so dark-skinned that people once mistook him for a black gardener at my aunt&uncle’s house, and I understand some embarassing things were said!


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