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Brighton Beach, Russian Jersey Shore, Lands TV Deal



Brighton Beach, the series dubbed the “Russian Jersey Shore,” is becoming a reality – but may not be as ludicrous as its fist-pumping predecessor.

Lifetime has ordered 12 episodes of the show assuring at least one season will be produced, according to an exclusive Hollywood Reporter story published this morning.

But Lifetime’s demands are a bit different than MTV’s, which might keep the show from swimming in the cultural dumpster. According to the report, Brighton Beach will have a “multigenerational cast … [chronicling] several colorful families, with the show’s action centered on a popular local nightclub.”

Sheepshead Bites was the first to break the story that a Russian-inspired reality show a la Jersey Shore was in the works. Since we confirmed it in February, the show has racked up more than 4,500 fans on Facebook, hundreds of audition tapes and more than its share of haters.

Now that we hear it’s going to be more family-oriented, what do you think of plans for the Brighton Beach show?

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  1. hahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats fuckin Disgusting! I hope they don’t….. i heard alot of people talking about this crap, i even found alot of dumb garbage about it on the net….

  2. On the Jersey Shore show they have Snookie, J-Wow and The Situation. I wonder what these kids’ nick names will be.

  3. omg..another bunch of skanks and wannabes..they think it’ll make’em famous and they can make it to Hollywood as jersey shore did. i hate to be am i gonna live through this embarassment..

  4. Aight first off all, your an idiot….. The only reason why Jersey shore made it that far was because they have MTV practically Commercializing them every second they get! (not to mention one of the cast members is a DJ who’s already been popular to begin with) Not to mention Snooki’s Attitude towards life, and Jenni’s Fake tits.

    This show doesn’t focus on Hanging out and fucking everything that moves. this is about the Life of the common Russian man / woman who lives in Brighton beach….. there might be one story about a skank…. but that’s it.

    Also FYI these people will be getting paid as well…. anyone who gets lucky to be on that show just made it in life.

  5. Jenny, do you read English?

    If MTV would had had the contract, they may have had all the “drama”.

    Since LifeTime Channel is geared to “Family life”… It will be a “FAMILY” show..

    so, you have two shows

    Jersey shore… MTV… Sex…

    Russian … LifeTime channel… Family oriented

    You should be on the MTV show, they need more idiots like you


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