Briefing 7/14: Paintings Donated To Brooklyn Hospital, Wall Collapses Of Home & More

Briefing 7/14: Paintings Donated To Brooklyn Hospital, Wall Collapses Of Home & More
Photo by Erica Price/Bkyner.

It’s Tuesday! There have been a lot of shootings taking place these past few days in our borough. We hope you are safe and well.

  • On Thursday, summer school rising 7th-grade students at Achievement First (AF) Endeavor school in Brooklyn went home with a math problem that many parents found offensive. The question read, “In 1787, if an enslaved African was considered 3/5th of a person for representation in Congress, how many enslaved Africans would have been equivalent to 6 white Americans?”
  • Sisters With Purpose are making a difference in Starrett City, we reported this morning.
  • Here is how mindfulness helps students in a Brooklyn school cope with pandemic and social justice issues.
  • If the city’s infection rate surges past 9% later in August or after the school year starts, schools will be forced to close, Chalkbeat reported.
  • “Authorities are investigating a wall collapse of at a [Park Slope] home that prompted a series of neighborhood investigations Tuesday,” NBC reported.
  • An artist from the West Coast donated 1,800 paintings to Interfaith Medical Center, ABC7 reported.
  • “Coronavirus cases are popping up in more affluent Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhoods that weren’t hard hit at the height of the pandemic,” Politico reported.
  • Eater NY did a really good piece on “What It’s Like to Work in an NYC Restaurant During the Pandemic.”
  • Here is what it’s like being inside a federal court during a pandemic, NBC reported.
  • Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, and Wisconsin were added to the list of states from which people need to quarantine for two weeks when in NYC, the Governor announced.
  • The Trump administration rescinded the rule that would force international students to leave the country if their colleges only held classes online this fall.
  • Alternate side parking regulations are suspended through Sunday, July 19.


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