Briefing 4/9: Free Mindfulness Content, Resource Pages, Packed Courthouse

Briefing 4/9: Free Mindfulness Content, Resource Pages, Packed Courthouse
Photo: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office.

Good morning! Coronavirus numbers keep going up, so please continue staying at home!

  • As of 5:30 p.m. last night, the total number of confirmed cases in NYC is 80,204. In Brooklyn, that number is now 21,580. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the city has gone up to 4,260.
  • A Brooklyn courthouse was packed amid the coronavirus. One judge told a lawyer, “If you don’t like it, you can leave,” the Daily News reported.
  • Dr. David Wolin was a radiologist at the Brooklyn Hospital Center. He died of the coronavirus last week. His daughter spoke to CBS News and said, “I really have been so angry and sad about the 20-plus years that were stolen from us because of this horrible virus.”
  • Have you read this story of NYC paramedics who are called to coronavirus DOA cases? “You say, ‘I’m sorry, we did everything we could… and I’m sorry for your loss,’” a Brooklyn paramedic told The Daily Beast. “That’s tough. Especially when you have to do that four times a night.”
  • Comptroller Scott Stringer has a resource page to assist people. The interactive page “contains critical information on the many government programs available to assist New Yorkers in need, recent policy changes regarding health and safety, options for financial support for residents and businesses alike, and organizations to reach out to for additional assistance.”
  • You now can purchase fresh produce and groceries online at participating stores (Amazon, Shoprite, Walmart) using your SNAP benefits card. Check this out for more information.
  • In partnership with Governor Cuomo, Headspace will offer free mindfulness content for all New Yorkers. “This will serve as a mental health resource as we cope with the impacts of #COVID19. [It’s where] you can find guided meditations, mindful workouts, sleep, and kid-friendly content.
  • Broadway shows will remain closed until June 7, or longer, the Times reported.
  • Adjusting to the remote learning environment has been a particular struggle for students who are just learning English, live in low-income households and are in special education classrooms, we reported.
  • Among the at least 33 subway and bus workers who have died from COVID-19, the MTA’s bus drivers have taken the biggest hit in an agency with more than 74,000 employees, THE CITY reported.