Breaking: Weiner Resigns, Apologizes To Wife And Brother

by Tony the Misfit via flickr

After repeatedly dismissing calls to leave office in the midst of  revelations that he had inappropriately texted several young women, U.S.  Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned today. The press conference was held  in Sheepshead Bay at the Council Center For Senior Citizens (1001 Quentin Road), the place where almost twenty years ago Weiner had launched his political career when he announced a run for City  Council representing the 48th District.  Weiner took time to apologize to both his wife and brother and was  reportedly asked obscene questions by Benjy Bronk from the Howard Stern  Show.

From The New York Times:

Mr. Weiner announced his resignation in Sheepshead  Bay, Brooklyn, at a  senior center where he announced his first campaign  for City Council in  1991. But while that moment was filled with  promise and excitement, his  resignation occurred in a raucous and  circuslike atmosphere, punctuated  by shouting from a group of hecklers.
Mr. Weiner tried to deliver his brief statement in a restrained  manner,  but struggled to be heard above the din of the hecklers, some  of whom  shouted vulgarities and one of whom called him a “pervert.”
The departing congressman, who did not take any questions, said  he had  been proud to serve the people of his district who “represent  the same  middle class story as mine.” He said he was stepping down so  that he  could “continue to heal from the damage I have caused.”

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