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BREAKING: Stabbing By Sheepshead Bay Train Station


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A two-foot wide pool of blood  marks the spot where a  young man was stabbed this evening in front of Jonathan’s Bakery (1424 Sheepshead Bay Road), and the suspect may still be on the loose.

An altercation broke out between a group of four men and a disgruntled driver, shortly after 9:00 p.m. Moments later, the driver pulled a knife and stabbed one of the men.

The victim and his friends appeared to be in their early twenties, according to Abdul Alkiyam, an employee of Quick Stop Deli and Grocery next door. Alkiyam was working when a passerby ran into the store and told him to call police.

The men were drunk and tried to cross the street against the light, getting in the way of an oncoming vehicle, said Jimmy Mash, the owner of nearby Bay Ristorante & Pizzeria. Mash didn’t see the altercation, but a police officer told him that some curses were exchanged between the driver and the group.

The driver circled the block and returned moments later to confront the group. Words turned to blows, as a fist fight broke out. In the middle of it the driver pulled a knife and stabbed the man.

The driver fled the scene in a white Infiniti, driving north on East 15th Street.

The victim’s condition and the status of the suspect is still unknown. We will report more as information becomes available.


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  1. Yeah, let’s hope. The last time we reported a stabbing before this batch was October 14, when we capped off another group of three stabbings that began August 30. That means we’ve got safe months ’til July, right?

  2. The rule of three often works, I have no idea why.

    If it’s a hot summer again maybe it’ll delay it. Notice that no stabbings took place during the heat wave?

  3. I’m waiting for the first gunfight or drive by shooting. I guess then something serious will be done. Now it’s only knife fights. Not enough for a Police task force?

  4. I hate to say it but I saw the action picking up in the area last week. Shady cars and people are frequenting the area again. Looks like the heat is off.

  5. it’s a ploy by the russian mob to get the property value down on sheepshead so that they can buy it all out and set up a sushi spot on every other store

  6. One could suspect that but it’s a bit premature. It does more point to the lack of values and respect that seems to growing in Sheepshead Bay. If people care less about throwing objects such as red bull cans and liquor bottles from their cars they may not think twice about stabbing someone over something stupid. That kind of behavior is almost universal for humanity.

  7. Russians drink vodka not sherry. Somewhere in the Bay there’s a hill of Vodka bottles piled up for sure.

  8. First thing, is, clean up that stretch of the Bay. I’ve been living there now 25 years. It used to be so clean. Now there’s garbage and dirty sidewalks and streets there. Second, don’t let the car services loiter there, it’s creating clutter, noise, and stress.
    As we now know, improving little things like this will go a long way to reducing the more serious crimes.

  9. First thing, is, clean up that stretch of the Bay. I’ve been living there now 25 years. It used to be so clean. Now there’s garbage and dirty sidewalks and streets there. Second, don’t let the car services loiter there, it’s creating clutter, noise, and stress.
    As we now know, improving little things like this will go a long way to reducing the more serious crimes.

  10. I have a novel idea, and just hear me out on this one. How about everyone in this area takes a dose of “you’re not better than everyone else” and “stop being an asshole.” We could all benefit from this.

  11. What the hell is going on here??? I think we should start protroling our neighborhood.
    Young people have no remorse and they just don’t care. They have no respect for themselves how can they respect others & their neighborhood. Wise guys

  12. Love your idea but we can go exact apposite way. Let’s get all these Russians and A-rab looking folk out of our fine neighborhood. Don’t all start freaking out on me here, hear me out. We should kick Russians out because they are all in a mafia, A-rabs are clearly all terrorists. I also have my eye on them darkies but they are ok for now, they have been around SB almost as long as white folks.

    BTW on more serious note wasn’t SB always shady neighborhood? I’m talking about back when their was fishing industry around. I was told that SB always was full of all kind of immigrants and low income people who looked down upon the law. Someone with historical knowledge should chime in right about now.

  13. I agree with you 100% except Hamas wants to lower the property values to build humus factory. They will call the company, Hamas Humus and Sons. Humus with bacon will be called Infidel Humus, spicy humus and pepers will be called Martyr Humus.

  14. I remember a lot of rougnnecks and stolen cars from when I was a kid. Are we back there? Just about. Whether what happened last night has anything to do with the following I don’t know but it’s part of the general revamped picture of Sheepshead Bay Road:

    The neighborhood is crawling with roving packs of youths, a large number of whom seem to be on the shady side of hanging out. My building – a supposedly nice co-op that is not cheap to maintain – nevertheless has its own resident pack of hooligans who smoke and piss in our stairwell (and like some ghetto building, our elevator has been out for 9 days so we have to share the stairwell with its denziens).

    The summer weather will be bringing out our resident trove of Skid Row addicts on either ends of the train station. That’ll be sure to spruce things up…

    What happened to the big beefy white guy with the enormous neck and wore a doo rag? He’d purposely walk up and down the blocks of the neighborhood a couple of years ago always purposely yelling into his cell phone some threatening words so everyone could hear and get the message. He also used to park himself outside the bagel store before it was Jonathan’s and threaten the staff if they eyed him through the window. He disappeared. Prison? Dead? I enjoyed the few moments when he didn’t have a phone and he swung his arms as he walked.

  15. the map over at Gothamist shows a stabbing on east 12th street and Avenue U at 5:25 this morning, and an armed robbery on east 17th street and Avenue U at 5:28pm yesterday. Does anyone know what these are about? I know sometimes Gothamist gets locations wrong.

  16. Bashing other peoples nationalities… really ??? This is what you go on sheepsheadbites for?? BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF!! RUSSIANS, ARABS, BLACK PEOPLE, WHITE PEOPLE, ASIANS, ITALIANS are just a few of the different people that live in this neighborhood. Let’s all start saying shit about each other and see where that gets us right? HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW THERE’S A RUSSIAN MAFIA OR ARAB TERRORISTS LIVING IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD?? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, ISN’T THIS SUPPOSED TO BE THE LAND WHERE NO ONE JUDGES YOU? YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF TEENAGE LITTLE GIRLS WHO CANT KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT BECAUSE YOU’RE BORED!! GROW THE F UP FOR THE SAKE OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

  17. Hi Ashamed of You!
    Can I call you Ashamed? Thanks. You are absolutely correct. These white people have no shame picking on helpless immigrants. I think we all pray to The Jesus for peace, love, unicorns and rainbows. We at Sheepshead can always use a rainbow or two. After all we are not very gay and transgender friendly. So how about you and I get together, hold hands and pray for all great things for us all. I know I will be saying one extra prayer and it will be for you Ashamed. I want Santa to bring you sense of humor and understanding of sarcasm.

    Peace and love Ashamed of You.

  18. I hate to say this Faba and ashamed, but alot of the trouble is caused by the Russian immigrants. I have lived in this neighborhood all of my life, and growing up, we never had the killings, robberies, medicaid/medicare fraud, welfare, the “graffiti artists” and other problems since they started coming over here in the 70’s. No, it wasn’t perfect here, but nothing like it is now. There may not be a Russian Mafia, I don’t know – and I don’t care to know. I do know however, that they (the younger, not the old Russians) are very into selling drugs, drinking way too much and become violent – (I’ll tell you one day about how I came home on a Saturday night and just missed driving through the middle of a shooting, where 2 people were killed at the Russian club across the street from where I live), also DUI causing/getting into accidents, and want to be like the “made men” of the mafia. This is the way it has been for over 30 years here. How long have you lived in the neighborhood? And why are you getting so offended? Nobody accused you of anything. We are all entitled to our opinion. I, as well as many others can talk – we have seen the changes and problems. And as for helpless immigrants? They know all the in’s and out’s and how to get everything for free. Wanna know how to get Medicaid? Just ask one of the “helpless” immigrants that you are defending. One more thing – it’s not only the white people talking about the problems that we have here now, and how our neighborhood has turned into a pig stye – it is also the blacks, italians, arabs and asians who talk. This has always been a very diverse community and we were always able to get along with our neighbors.

  19. You are right, and I am not offended at all. There are a lot more of, well, many bad and some good things that have come to this neighborhood. But if you’re going down that road then how do you think the Native Americans felt. People evolve and neighborhoods evolve. All I was trying to say is that all you hear about is the bad and not the good about our neighbors and yes this neighborhood has had problems such as medicare/aid scams, drugs, graffiti, and too many immigrants trying to scheme, but it’s called evolution and instead of hitting our head against the wall to try to prevent it, we should embrace it and learn from it. After all, didn’t we all come here as immigrants and at one point or another try to go around the system to gain a benefit? I say we need more good news about the neighborhood on! Time to lighten up the mood!

  20. Buddy say thanks to Russians for bringing value of sheepshead bay up.

    And.. who’s fault is it that you Americans dont know how to get medicaid? And some elderly babushka (grandma) that does not speak any english, from Ukrainian Village goes and gets it! WTF!

    If you dont know.. and you dont care to know.. then dont bring it up.

  21. Some of us have lived here for generations, and thought things were quite fine as they were.

    The attitude that this neighborhood “needed” an infusion of Russians is absurd. Russians haven’t done the rest of us any favors. You see, it appears that there is a difference to what some consider valuable to what others consider important.

    None of us would begrudge anyone success in the manner important to them. But what we had was a community, where people lived because this was their choice. It’s not possible for one to understand this unless they tried to become part of it. Asserting a pretense of superiority is not how you behave if you are community-minded. Acting as if you are doing us a favor by here; how soon some forget that we made it possible for you to be here in the first place. Some people have an odd way of showing gratitude.

  22. Thanks to I now have a great business idea! IM OPENING A KNIFE STORE IN THE HEART OF THE BAY! imagine having a sweet 16 inch blade engraved with your initials! now you too can have something amazing like this! come on down to the rats store of long sharp stabby things and gets yours today!

  23. Is this going to be your platform when you run for Kruger’s seat? At least it will take the heat off the mosque.

  24. All part of the same line, you know. Each time a new demographic comes into the neighborhood some people grow defensive and take up the attitude of “my bat, my all”. But I don’t recall organized efforts to keep things “as they were”. Not in the past.

    The mosque organizers have the same rights as every other person to the free exercise of their beliefs. Smearing them with the brush of “supporters of terrorism” does not change that. One of the great mistakes of our history was when we attempted to intimidate an entire society by making them fearful of a so-called communist invasion from within. We should never allow that to happen again, it was a most unhealthy period of history. And yet, if we don’t speak out that same fear will poison us.

  25. In the 70s the sidewalk in front of the newsstand used to be the meeting spot for the minions of drug distributors and low level dealers. Some things just keep going round and round in the same circles.

  26. This whole area (unfortunately) has become a total dump. Barely anyone around here, especially Russians, have absolutely no respect for a single soul. So much hatred and violence over what? People getting furious and willing to fight because you looked in their direction!? Paranoid much? No town or city anywhere is perfect, but this crap is out of control. What is this area going to be in 10 years? The young American kids want to be gangsters and the young Russians don’t even know english and have to take tests in school written in Russian. It’s all sickening. People come here to “better” their lives (which is fine), but don’t learn the language, bring all their countries problems here, get all the government help they can and bitch about everything.

  27. What the hell is going on in my neighborhood???????? I have lived here my entire life and never, never, ever have I witnessed or heard of violence in this neighborhood as I’ve been hearing about in the last couple of months! Who the hell has moved in????? Maybe it’s time we start attending the 61st Precinct Community meetings.

  28. Lisanne.. if I were to follow your logic I can safely say that Native AMERICANS who lived here before you, Irish, Italian, German, English … and other folk, did not need any infusion from these groups as well! And it sounds so funny when you make this statement about infusion .

    Yes, go ahead say what you wanted to say soooo many times… Fucking Russians! YES It’s their fucking fault. And you are an angel ! Get used to the though that Russians …fucking immigrants from fucking USSR country that does not exist anymore yet so fucking hated still.. 20 years after.. are here to stay and many MANY of them are naturalized citizens! And MANY of them have kids who were Born here, which makes them AMERICANS! So if you dont keep us on the same terms and consider your selfs higher than us .. well. you will not be able to do so with our children. As a matter of fact our kids will employ your kids one day.. and God forbid ignorance of their parents will come back and bite them on their ass.

    When my family immigrated to US we went through intensive process where only people with no criminal history and top notch education were let in . And when we were, we were forces to sign something called “Affidavit of no support” meaning that my family was not eligible for anything in US! Ok? So I will not be grateful to you for what my family has achieved here with our hangs and heads.

  29. well it seems that you live under the rock. Years ago in the string of robberies on sheepshead bay Russian man in his late 30’s who was returning home with his wife from the train station was killed by local gangsters. His wife was crying out on the street begging for help… NO ONE from any of the Private houses owned by locals who attend 61st Precinct Community meetings every week called 911 or helped in any way.

  30. That “Native American called firsties” line is old and tired, so give that a rest. The people you are so quick to call “you Americans” have roots here for SEVERAL generations. Their families came here when there was no aid for the “poor huddled masses”, they came when the government/ATM’s/doctors offices weren’t providing multi-lingual services and thrived. Excuse me if I’m making an assumption, but it appears that Lisanne was not attacking those that walk the straight and narrow- it’s the NEW influx of self-entitled, egocentric, self impressed Russians that she appears pissed off at. If that disturbs you, perhaps you are part of that crew. Otherwise, your offense and fury are misguided and misplaced- be mad at the people who have destroyed one entire generation of Russian immigrants work by being disgusting, greedy and foul in THIS generation.

  31. Divide and conquer tactic will not work here. Old Russians vs New “Influx” Russians. He did not specify which Russians he was attacking.

  32. Gene, it’s YOU who is being divisive. YOU used the line “you Americans”, YOU used the line “Buddy say thanks to Russians for bringing value of sheepshead bay up.” In the meantime, Lisanne liked MY comment which suggests that I hit the nail on the head regarding her comment, if I may be so bold to suggest. As to my history, I can assure you that not only am I well versed in it, I am proud of it- hard working Eastern Europeans came to America, assimilated and were constructive boons to the community, the government and their surroundings. What they did NOT do: ask for handouts, verse themselves in what they can beg, borrow or steal, walk around like their shit didn’t stink, and they weren’t destructive to themselves, their neighbors, or their culture (both original and adopted). Anyone who does that is worthy of my scorn and lack of respect.

  33. I am part Native American, in fact, by government definition, legally one. Shinecock, to be exact. A distant relative is the chief of the tribe. Spitting image of my father. I’m proud of that connection, but I am an American first. As an American I transcend race, religion and culture. I recognize that my rights and my expectations can be no more than yours, but no less either. Arrogance does not make one an American. Sharing what we have earned is. That is why the Statue Of Liberty sits in New York harbor, and not in some Paris park. We worked to make it possible for future generations to have an American Dream just as we had. While we respect the rights of all people to speak freely we do not tolerate arrogance well. It is that of which I, and others speak. It was our intention to be helpful to those in need. When we are treated with disrespect by those we helped it is not unexpected that we should be perturbed by such expression.

    Your expression does a disservice to all who come here with positive goals and a desire to embrace positively the values of the people in which you have come to live. Such people are appreciated, and have our respect. Those who assert their so-called superiority we soon lose patience with. Secure with our national identity, and our individual sense of purpose, we eventually ignore you. We do so with a sense of security because we are aware that everything balances itself out in the long run.

    You cannot oppress those who will not give you permission to do so.

  34. Gene!
    I agree with you 100%. This blog is an amazing job being done by Mr. Berke day after day, but unfortunately, many of the regular posters here are the losers who use comments to boost their ego, so there is nothing much you can do about it, but ignore. It is just a fact that the more successful you are, the more those mom’s basement dwellers are upset.

  35. Thank you! I’m glad that some people recognize I was not speaking of groups, I was speaking of individuals. Individuals represent themselves only if they behave poorly. What Gene has written here tells me him, and his world view. It does not become the criteria in which I assess others.

  36. I believe these ocurrences, while tragic, are still extremely isolated, and are not random. I still believe Sheepshead Bay and its’ environs comparatively speaking is a very safe and worthwhile area, whose possibilities still abound on the upside. The media today just loves to exacerbate and expand these tragedies. While I think from her posts, Lisanne is the most sober and thoughtful commenter here, I have to disagree though, with the remark that the Russians and their ilk, who have come here in the past twenty years or so have done us no favors. To the contrary, and I know a number of them, their finding paradise here, has only made us native, and less cynical types, who have never abandoned southern Brooklyn, believe what we have always known, that southern Brooklyn, and indeed Sheepshead Bay are wonderful locales. There’s a reason why property values have gone up, as they should when demand overtakes supply, among other reasons, and the prescence here of these Slavs and the Chinese too, are a major reason for that. I’m sure any of us natives who bought residential property here cause we loved the area and believed in it, say twenty, twenty five, even fifteen years ago don’t regret their presence, and a lot of the complainers are natives who did not do that, and frankly I find many of the more resentful natives just exposing sour grapes. Sure, the grimness of the culture they brought is hard to take, and no one likes change, but look where they came from?! On the whole, the vast majority are hardworking, lawabiding, well educated folks who know a great place when they find it. A number of them have told me that if it was up to many of those they left behind in Kiev, Odessa, Minsk, Moscow, Pinsk, Canton, and the like, they’d all come here! I sincerely belive more great days are ahead for Sheepshead Bay and its’ environments! I’m even beginning to see Yuppie types that realize that maybe the Bay has more to offer than the Slope, which doesn’t surprise me because we certainly have a lot better natural views, and you know I find many of the folks I encounter in my strolls, rather friendly, aside from the language barrier!

  37. A bit too many colorful words, but the point is clear – let’s share!
    BTW, the Statue of Liberty is a gift from people of France, whether you like it or not and there is another one just like that in “some Paris park”, just a smaller one:)

  38. I wasn’t taught how to write colloquially, but I don’t consider that a loss. Writing should be a worthwhile endeavor. It’s more work but also more gratifying. It is also an act of giving something to the reader which is more than merely the sum total of one’s words.

    There were a few people during the 1870s who didn’t favor the idea of having the statue sitting in NY Harbor. Even worse, when money was being raised for the pedestal there was a decided lack of interest among those who could have easily provided the funding. If it wasn’t for Joseph Pulitzer’s appeal, which resulted in a mass amount of small donations, many by children, the statue might have remained in Paris, minus the arm, which was standing in Madison Square.

  39. Well. That doesn’t surprise me because won’t get involved. When I was a kid years and years and years ago, i was almost attacked right in front of my apartment building. I screamed bloody murder and no one came to the window. I got away and when I got upstairs to my house – no one had heard me screaming.

  40. In this country anger always brings you down no matter who you are! It happened in front of me i was waiting for the bus B36 then.. and i have the record on my phone


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