Breaking: Sheepshead Bay Homicide On Neck Road

The quiet corner of Gravesend Neck Road and East 18th Street became a grisly crime scene with victims spanning three generations of a family, after a domestic dispute elevated to a homicide.

A 29-year-old motherwoman was declared dead at 6:35 p.m., after allegedly being stabbed by a man presumed to be her ex-husband her former brother in-law, police told Sheepshead Bites. Her 4-year-old son and two women believed to be her sister and mother, were also hospitalized for stab wounds The man also stabbed or slashed the deceased’s mother, sister and sister’s 4-year-old son.

[Because of the nature of breaking news, the initial version of this report contains some inaccuracies. This update on the Gravesend Neck Road slashing has corrections.]

“She’s a young girl. She was sweet. Very nice,” Elaine Friedman recalled of the deceased victim. Friedman, a next-door neighbor who has lived on the block for 40 years, added, “It’s a quiet block. This is unheard of.”

Following the attack on his ex-wife’s family, which took place in the basement of 2260 East 18th Street, the suspect fled the scene. A patrol car found him 15 blocks away, on Avenue Z and East 7th Street, just minutes after police arrived at the home. His name has not yet been released. [Update: His name is Han Min Pan.]

Neighbors are shocked by such an attack on a quiet street.

“Nothing like this has ever happened here. I lived on this block for 45 years,” said neighbor Jim Pozzuoli. “I’ve never been afraid around here.”

The area is full of “very nice neighbors here,” said Michelle Serbest, a 12-year resident. “Very quiet. Very nice people.”

Many onlookers said their first reaction to the attack was concern that it was a home invasion that had turned violent. Many residents expressed some relief to hear that it was not so random.

“I was afraid it was a stranger, a stranger, a stranger,” said one neighbor who lived down Gravesend Neck Road, echoing the sentiments of many onlookers. “It’s terrible, but I think it’s more of a concern than an unfortunate domestic dispute.”

The three surviving victims of the attack have been taken to Coney Island Hospital (other sources are saying Lutheran Medical Center) Lutheran Medical Center and are being treated for non-life-threatening wounds.