Emergency Activity In Brighton Beach (False Alarm?)

A lot of activity in Brighton Beach at 2:45 this afternoon on Brighton 3rd Street near Oceanview Avenue. Four firetrucks, two rescue trucks and two ambulances. No smoke, no fire, just a ladder extended to a second story window. No injuries were apparent.

UPDATE (6:25 p.m.): Gothamist Map is reporting this was an all-hands fire.

UPDATE (8:19 p.m.): A reader added the following to the comments section: “FALSE ALARM GUYS & Gals……..ladder and all the vehicles were because it was called in as an out of control fire, so says the bat 43 chiefs aid”

If anyone has information or photos/video, please send them to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

Thanks to Allan Rosen for the tip and photo.