BREAKING: Cops Nab Man For Assaulting Cabbie

Police caught an apparently drunk man after he allegedly slugged a cab driver on Sheepshead Bay Road this morning, taking him into custody for the assault.

According to witnesses at the scene of his arrest, the man was jaywalking across Sheepshead Bay Road near the subway station at approximately 2:40 p.m., when a livery cab came too close for his comfort. After a verbal dispute, the man began kicking and banging on the car, and eventually punched the driver in the face.

Several people said the man appeared to be walking unsteadily, and was acting as if he had been drinking alcohol.

After the assault, he took off on foot up Sheepshead Bay Road to Avenue Z, making it as far as Homecrest Avenue, where several marked and unmarked cop cars descended on him and took him into custody. The cab driver was brought to the scene of the arrest and was seen rubbing his face, and was being examined by emergency responders.

However, his injuries – if any – seemed minor.