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BREAKING: Car Accident On Exeter St And Shore Blvd


We just received word that there has been another accident on Shore Boulevard near Exeter Street, and it seems at least one person is injured.

FDNY and EMS are on the scene, and it looks like the driver of an SUV took the turn too quickly, slamming into the rear of a parked car.

Shore Boulevard begins to curve near the footbridge at Exeter Street, and community groups frequently complain to the city that the lack of lights or other traffic controls that limit speeding makes it a hot spot for accidents. At least one fatality has occurred at the same spot, and other accidents we’ve reported on or near that intersection include this one, this one and this one.

The city has agreed to do additional traffic studies in Manhattan Beach, but has not provided a timetable for action.

Thanks to Shane for the photo and tip.

Correction: The original version of this article mistakenly referred to Shore Boulevard as Shore Parkway. Whoops!

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  1. Another method to get cars to slow down there which no one has mentioned is to narrow the lanes by placing striping between the double yellow lines right at the turn.

  2. Has anyone proposed adding the concrete/asphalt bumps that they have near schools to slow cars down?

  3. Great photo by Shane capturing a victim being helped by the FDNY and capturing not 2 but 3 vehicles involved in the incident. See the trunk of the 3rd car popped up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Did the driver just take the the natural curve of the Blvd too quickly? Or did he turn onto the Blvd? Either way you need to be a fucking idiot to hit a parked car there. I should mention that I see plenty of fucking idiots making short radius U-turns at high speeds, breaking sharply and then backing up to make the turn around the KBCC campus. I don’t understand how people don’t get the concept that the faster you go the greater the radius of your turn will be.

  5. Speed bumps would bring traffic to a crawl. BrooklynBus’s idea would be ideal here, especially if they add those bumps like you feel when you try to change lanes on solid-line highway lanes.

  6. The next thing you will hear is that that the City will suggest some additonal
    Zebra Stripes and bike lanes on Shore Blvd. to slow down the traffic!

  7. i drive there all the time, its really not such an epic turn..can be taken even while speeding with no problem…its just mostly crappy drivers..they should just put one of those screens that show how fast you’re going with something that resembles a camera so drivers would slow down. lol

  8. I crossed there twice this week going to/from manhattan beach, and had to literally run for my life crossing the street. Cars had to be doing at least 55 going around that bend.. Of course this can be solved by ticketing me for IPod usage…

  9. From the MBCG website.

    March 21st, 2011 ยท No Comments
    Another serious accident occurred yesterday on March 20th near the turn at the Ocean Avenue Wooden bridge and Shore Blvd. You may remember that a fatality (Brian Waldman) occurred at this same area this past August. The refusal of Brooklyn DOT to discuss MEANINGFUL traffic solutions puts every resident and visitor to Manhattan Beach in danger. You do not need a traffic graduate degree to figure out that crossing Shore Blvd from the bridge is very very dangerous. There is insignificantsignage warning drivers of the curve in both directions. There is absolutely no sane reason that a traffic light exists at Ocean Ave. and Shore Blvd. and not by the Bridge. What were they thinking? People are going to walk a block out of their way to cross. That never happens.

    DOTโ€™s behavior is like a small child trying to get their way. Another traffic study? They have to be kidding! The MBCG will not stop until we get the job done. We will fight until we have a sensible traffic solution to the corner of Falmouth and Ocean where 4 year old Evan was killed by a bus. The zebra stripes and bike lanes must be moved as they cause numerous accidents. Not finally, but a solution to the curve on Shore by the bridge must be found or more people will get hurt like yesterday.

    We will go beyond Brooklyn DOT, we promise.

  10. sarcasm on:
    He’s driving a BMW!! what concept are you talking about? there are no concepts for BMW!!!

  11. That turn is sooo freaking long and wide that you have to be retard to crash there. I mean unless you are driving 65 or 70 in your cool, awesome BMW!

  12. It doesnt look like the turn had anything to do with this accident. Its a full block away from where this happened. The bottom line is that you can put as many signs and traffic signals as you want but they have to be enforced. When was the last time anyone has seen someone pulled over on Shore or Oriental? There are so many cops lately on the highway where speeding is much safer than it is on these streets but i never see cops here. I am against cops setting up shop and trapping people like they have been doing recently on Belt exits but there really is a need for it here where there is danger for drivers and peds.

  13. As an initial responder to the scene, i will tell you that the turn had absolutely nothing to do with this accident, nor did the bicycle lane on oriental blvd.
    The lady driving the BMW simply drifted too far off to the right of the road, she was driving westbound and had just passed the ocean ave traffic signal. The turn which would have been 300ft further down the road played no part on the driver or on the parked car or on the injured individual who was on the sidewalk. The traffic light which was 100ft prior obviously did not prevent it and the bike lane on oriental is as responsible for this accident as is the breezy point roundhouse.
    It gets a little silly when anytime somebody sneezes, traffic lights, bike lanes, and all other personal agendas are suddenly to blame.

  14. Bring traffic to a crawl? If you have even been on that street you would know there is never any traffiic there…dont open your mouth if you dont know sh*t about the situation

  15. you know, you might be on to something here Rat!

    Probably needed to Put some lipstick on……….either that or change the radio station (which is hard to do with Huge Wolverine Nails)

  16. The sign says 15, but it is still safe to make at 30. Faster than that and you will have problems.

    However, since the accident looks like it was a block from the curve, it looks like the guy was trying to make the light turning left from Ocean into Shore Blvd and made it too fast. And people think more traffic lights make things safer, They do not. I once saw someone smash into a parked car going the other way turning into Ocean Avenue. When I called the precinct to report it with the License number, they refused to take a report over the phone and told me to come into the precinct.

  17. The MBCG does not have all the answers which is why DOT is ignoring you. First of all it appears that the turn wasn’t even a factor in this accident but right away you jump to conclusions. Second, there definitely is a reason for that traffic light at Shore and Ocean. It was needed. I know because I used to pass that intersection every morning at about 8AM before it was installed. Because of the curve, it was very difficult to see speeding cars when trying to make a left at the stop sign. It would not have been a problem if everyone weren’t doing 40, but they were. I was so scared, that I actually started using Dover instead of Ocean because I had a better line of sight. So for you to say there was “no sane reason” for that light shows that you have no idea of what you are talking about.

    Perhaps if you treated the DOT and others with some respect, instead of acting like they are complete idiots and you know everything which you definitely do not, perhaps they would listen to you.

    Make some sensible suggestions for a change like grooving the pavement around the curve or moving the bike lane from Oriental Blvd to Shore Blvd, or reduce alternate side parking to two days a week for 90 minutes so the college kids don’t have to rush to get a parking space.

    All you know is more traffic lights and removing the planters which don’t solve anything and bringing up poor Evan’s death every time there is an accident. You think everyone who disagrees with you is out to sabotage you which is not true. They are just more sensible than you.

  18. I saw this accident occur. After the traffic light turned green, the X5, which was going straight, hit the parked car. It looked like she wasn’t paying attention. (It may have been sticking out a little), and hit the rear. It wasn’t going faster than 30-40mph. There was someone standing near the rear passenger side of the Honda, and was on the floor. I couldn’t tell if the victim was pinned or not. The female driver of the X5 was shaken up. She also had a baby seat in the car with her.

    Any word on the injured person standing next to the Honda?

  19. His leg was pinned under the rear wheel. A couple of guys gave me a hand and we lifted the car and freed his leg. He was conscious and appeared to be ok considering.

  20. Yes, speed bumps would bring traffic to a crawl and annoy the speeding drivers on Shore Boulevard. That is my point. Leave 5 minutes earlier and you won’t have to speed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. It could be that she was a new driver and may have been staring at the person standing near the car. When I took my driving lessons over 40 years ago, I remember my instructor telling us never to stare at anyone we see while driving because you will subconciously drive toward that person and hit him if you don’t turn to stop yourself from doing that.

  22. It would also annoy the non-speeding drivers like myself because speed bumps prevent all drivers from driving at a reasonable and safe speed over 5mph. Driving at a reasonable 20-30 down shore blvd is fine, but people will accelerate to unsafe speeds after the speed bump to make up time lost. Narrow the lanes, groove the pavement like BrooklynBus and I suggested, and install traffic cams. After a few tickets from the city, no one will do over 30 around there.

  23. The city had red light cameras installed all over the boroughs. Very profitable.
    Does the company have anything like a radar gun/camera?


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