Boy Scouts in Kensington

Boy Scouts in Kensington
Troop 237

Does the impending decision by Boy Scouts of America to lift the gay ban affect Kensington neighbors?

I’m raising two scouts (full disclosure) and when I tried recruiting my boys’ friends to join, some parents resisted citing the Scouts’ anti-gay stance.

I asked participants in local troops what they think of the situation.

Jean Gazis, a parent of scouts in Troop 187  (and wife of an Eagle Scout) said, “I, personally, will be very happy to see the anti-gay ban lifted.” Jean points out she isn’t an official spokesperson for the troop, though she writes about scouting activities.

Anthony Pinnavaia, the Troop Leader for Troop 237 in neighboring Windsor Terrace shares the views of acceptance. “We’ve always been welcoming,” he said.

How do you feel about the decision scheduled to be made in May?

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Photo credit: Troop 237 website.


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