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Blue Mango, Frozen Yogurt Shop On Kings Highway, Shutters


Man, has it been a tough week for businesses in the Sheepshead Bay area. First we wrote about Randazzo’s Sandwich Spot closing up after electrical problems proved too frustrating to deal with, then we moved on to Chicken Masters throwing in the towel in the face of mounting government regulations, and then the UPS Store, which called it quits after the parent company wanted to up the stakes on its franchise agreement.

Now, on the other side of the neighborhood, we hear that Blue Mango, a kosher frozen yogurt vendor, has closed down. Located at 929 Kings Highway, a “For Rent” sign went up some time in the past few weeks.

We’re not sure how long Blue Mango has been around – it’s an area we don’t get over to nearly enough – but Yelp reviews for the business go back to 2008.

Good luck to its former owners, and we look forward to seeing what new business will take its place.

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  1. i think the russian supermarket across the street from the ups store is also out of business.  the produce store is still there but supermarket doors are closed. 

  2. I think our charming little neighborhood is ripe for a case study by one of them Harvard economist researcher types.  

    I maintain my original theory that the reason that so many businesses go under in our area is because we have several very distinct cultural groups and businesses are usually marketed or appeal to only one of those groups.  

    Blue Mango is a perfect example.  While in theory open to everyone, this establishment clearly targeted the Orthodox Jews in the area, as is evident from the Hebrew symbols on the window.  Very unlikely that anyone from a different background went to this place.  Probably there weren’t enough yogurt loving Orthodox Jews around.  Same problem with the Russian businesses, the signage and menus are all in Russian and the service staff barely speaks English.  So again they are limiting themselves in their costumer base.  Than you have the old school places, Chicken Masters, Randazzo’s, and Wheelers (still in business.)  These businesses tend to cater to older generations of Italians, Irish, and other western Europeans.  However in neighborhood filled with Jews and Russians they too have a tough time attracting a diverse costumer base. 

    One suggestion I have to business owners is to hire a diverse staff.  If you are a Russian restaurant, try hiring non-Russian personal (Mexican dishwashers don’t count), maybe even throw in a black person or two to show that you are open minded.  Of course when it comes to Russian owned business I could write an entire manuscript of suggestions, myself being Russian. 

  3. You make a very interesting argument. I’m quite surprised the PC brigade has not yet swooped in and ripped it to shreds….


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