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Bloomberg To Raise Parking Meter Rates… Again


Six months after raising rates at city parking meters, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that he’s bumping up the price a second time.

Parking rates will rise is January from 75 cents to $1 an hour in residential areas and from $2.50 to $3 an hour in commercial areas. The last raise increased hourly rates from 50 cents to 75 cents on residential streets and from $2 to $2.50 in commercial zones.

The scheme is expected to add $24 million to city coffers, and city officials are still boasting about how our meters remain a bargain.

“The parking rate in Manhattan was very low. Historically the off streets are still far higher than the on street rates,” said Department of Transportation Deputy Commissioner Bruce Schaller. “I think people understand that the parking has been underpriced in Manhattan and understand the rationale behind the higher rates.”

The hikes don’t end there, either. The city is toying with the idea of expanding a program called “Park Smart,” where parking rates in commercial areas are raised dramatically during peak hours to encourage turnover. Kings Highway briefly served as a test area for the program, so it’s probable that it’ll make a return if the city moves forward with Park Smart.

Props to Death for sending me the article, yo.

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  1. They miss the point. The parking meter was devised to keep traffic moving. The idea is to give people enough time to shop, but they would not leave their cars there all day. Good idea.

    But it was not devised as a system of revenue.

    Recently, we have seen Kingshighway destroyed as a place to shop for a reasonable amount of time because of changes made there. I heard that 2 hour parking was going to be restored, but it has not. Most of it is still just 1 hour.

    Once used to go to a doctor on E. 14th across from a public parking lot. Can’t go to him anymore. Takes more than an hour often to do that, much less do some shopping.

  2. Just checked out the rate for the public parking garage that replaced the Kings Highway Municipal Parking. Guess what they are charging? Five dollars for the first hour! So according to Bloomberg if they charged four dollars an hour instead of the proposed $2.50 an hour it would still be a bargain. Way to go Mr. Mayor.

    Raise the real estate taxes twice a year, the meters twice a year, the tolls and transit fare every two years, the sales tax, the water and sewer tax by double digit amounts… What type of recession are we in anyway?

  3. Death by a thousand cuts.
    They won’t be happy until we are all hemhorraging and begging on street corners.
    As for 1 hour meters. They bring in more summons revenue. It’s so much easier to overstay a 1 hour meter than a 2 hour meter.

  4. When the baby doesn’t get what he wants he will raise parking meter rates, tell you what to do with your body and tell you to drop dead.

  5. Get back on your bike! No it’s not a bargain as long as transit is unreliable or inconvenient, outdated bus routes are not changed, and fares keep going up. Not everyone can ride a bike.

    And oh yeah, Bloomberg will come and get you to. Once the new bike program goes into effect next year where people can pick up and drop off bikes, just watch the accidents increase. You know what he will do? He won’t blame the bike lanes. He will blame the cyclists, saying they need to be responsible and to assure that they need to be registered with the City and he will charge you a yearly fee to register your bike. Then when he raises it every six months, I will say, that it is still a bargain.

  6. I don’t understand the opposition.

    Folks swear, the government wants every penny; but he’ll – they’ve been paying for your (free, or low-cost parking) all along! If they had sold all the on-street parking in the city, like was discussed, guess what, you’d be paying $5, $6 an hour. They did this in Chicago and the rates basically doubled immediately.

    So keep crying about a $0.25c/hour increase; meanwhile your stupid Tea-Party tax revolt is starving the government, and instead of a subway ride to the city you have to have a car, $2000 a year in gas, $3000 in insurance, $2000 in car payments [at least]. Yet here you are, crying about twenty-five cents. Get some perspective folks. You’ve been living off government excess for so long, now that someone wants to charge you for it you claim they want to see you bleeding on the corner. I bet you said it was “good for them” when they reformed welfare, that they shouldn’t be living on government money. Well take a look in the mirror.

  7. Times are tough, true. However closing the deficit by increasing costs is the easy way out, when the real answer is to cut excessive spending. How many six-figured salary Commissioners does each City agency really need? Bloomberg’s administration is full of overpaid and underqualified appointees. You fire one of them and you can easily save the jobs of five to seven employees, who are the teachers, firefighters, EMTs and police officers out there looking to make a bigger impact in society than some manager who has underlings pushing all the papers for them. One of the worse expenditures the City’s done is the Citytime system, which has only been in operation for about four years now (at the cost of over 87 million) and has gone over budget, yet the City defends it, while the City Council and DC37 continues to scrutinize it – just look up articles from the Village Voice and Daily News when they’ve sat in on the hearings.The complaining about a quarter by itself is not justified, but when you consider everything all together has been going up, then yes it takes its toll (pun intended). Metrocards, bridge and tunnel tolls, public transit reductions and now meters.As “broke” as the City is, there sure is an opening for another six-figured employee when Bloomberg appoints a new person for a job, which may or may not have existed, whether or not the person is qualified.

  8. Here we go again crying NYC in the public figure. I wish some of these people lived on my salary. They could not handle it. These six figured people are living the high life while we are trying to pay a bill. Everything goes up but not SS, payrolls. Bloomberg wants the city all to himself people are feed up with his ways and tactics. Schools,are a mess streets are a mess and thousands of other things are a mess. What are we getting for relief on all of the taxes we pay?? It;s all BS they are all crooks them and there sob stories. Let some roll back there payrolls and help this city instead of always adding to there pockets.

  9. So you want to do some shopping in your local neighborhood. You want to take your time and not rush. You need two hours to do this. That’s $6. You don’t think that’s too much? (And in 12 months it will be $7.)

    You don’t think more people will go to Kings Plaza and pay $3 or better yet go to Gateway Mall and park for free instead? You are kidding yourself if you believe this won’t hurt the local merchants.

    An occasional increase is okay. But increases every six months is just excessive.


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