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Bloomberg Lashes Out At Golden And Other Senators Who Shot Down Speed Enforcement Cameras

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg directed serious heat towards State Senator Marty Golden and two other senators this week over their opposition to the installation of speed enforcement cameras, according to a report in the New York Times.

The issue of reckless driving and speeding has become an exploding issue across the city as a rash of hit-and-run tragedies have made front-page on an ever increasing basis. According to the Times, 274 people died in traffic fatalities across the city last year, the highest since 2008. To combat the rising tide of blood spilled on the roads, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and politicians like Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver have sent letters to Governor Andrew Cuomo pleading for room in the state budget to install speed enforcement cameras. According to the New York Daily News, the inclusion of speed enforcement cameras were recently stripped from the state budget by opponents of the measure.

In assigning blame for the exclusion of the cameras in the state’s budget, Bloomberg pointed his finger at Senators Golden, Simcha Felder and GOP Senate leader Dean Skelos, urging their constituents to call these politicians the next time a tragedy occurs.

“Maybe you want to give those phone numbers to the parents of the child when a child is killed,” the Times reported Bloomberg saying. “It would be useful so that the parents can know exactly who’s to blame.”

Golden, a former police officer with strong ties to the police officers’ union, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, believes that hiring more police officers is the answer to combat dangerous speeding. He also called the cameras “unreliable,” and suggested that a comprehensive study be done on the cameras before going full steam ahead with a plan to install them.

Bloomberg insisted that in light of all the traffic deaths, waiting was no longer an option.

“We literally are having kids that are getting killed around our schools because people are speeding,” he said. “And they don’t want to let us use cameras to stop people from doing that.”

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  1. im so sick of this man 3 terms to long maybe the dmv needs to stop giving out lisences to alot of these idiots on the road… cause sometimes i wonder who these people paid of to get a lisence …

  2. I don’t think you can actually Pay someone off….. Then again, Monsanto….. Yea…. it cannot be stopped.

  3. I PERSONALLY HATE BLOOMBERG ,he thinks who he is hes just a mean man , he rapes our nyc taxes , he needs to get out of office already!

  4. You can hate the man if you like, but it just makes it more painful when he is right like on this issue and on guns.
    Lew from Brooklyn

  5. Who says he is right about anything? Because he feels a certain way and has money to push his own agenda that makes him right? He is a megalomaniac and tyrant.

  6. Well, nevermind my opinion on this particular issue, but can’t he be both right AND a megalomaniac? The problem is when he rams through his agenda when he may be wrong (which I’ll let you decide for yourself if that’s the case here).

  7. Sure someone could be both but Lew was saying it hurts when someone is right. So I asked what makes him right. He is trying to push his own personal beliefs on people without any facts to back them. He wants to punish everyone because a few people are bad. Some people cant control themselves so we will ban large drinks for all. Some people drive like maniacs so let put up cameras and punish everyone. A couple of psychos kill a bunch of people so lets disarm everyone. All these laws he wants to pass will never stop people from speeding, eating a pie of pizza and downing a 2 litter or a crazy person from doing bad things. This guy is a lot more dangerous to society than a speeder, fat or crazy person.

  8. Well, unlike the soda ban, there is data that backs up the argument that speed cameras help enforce speed limits. (

    I don’t see how speed cameras punish everyone – seems to me that they punish speeders (except in Baltimore). Thus, this and the soda ban are not analogous. Meanwhile, everyone knows where the red light cameras on Ocean Parkway are… and they damn well stop for them.

    Considering the alternate proposal is to hire more cops specifically to give out traffic violations, which do you prefer? At least with one there’s a video record to defend yourself if it’s a wrongful ticket. I know you of all people don’t have the highest regard for an officers’ judgement, so what’s the preferred solution?

  9. Exactly Ned. The soda ban is a whole other issue. He is right that speed cameras will save lives and only penalize those who break the law. Might slow people down a bit to the legal speed limit. When you take an 80 ounce soda in your had, it only endangers you—your choice. When you speed, you can kill an innocent. And on guns he is so frikkin right, I wanna applaud the old guy. Doesnt mean that he isnt wrong on many things in my view….but when he is right, he is right. That is just my point of view
    Lew from Brooklyn

  10. Its an excuse to give tickets out to everyone going 2mph over the limit. I also dont want to be watched all the time. This is just another way to ticket people. I will say it again if someone wants to drive fast and do stupid things a camera wont stop them.

  11. I didnt bring it up. All i did was ask a question. Why do you care if we talk about it? Start another thread about it then.

  12. And if you dont want to talk about it then delete his comment about it being right. I know its your space but he makes a comment i question it and we cant talk about it here. cmon.

  13. To quote Joe Lhota – be a man! Sorry, just kidding. But really, there are tons and tons of threads here where you can discuss it. So many that you once accused me of writing the stories just to get comments. Lew’s comment against guns was buried in a larger comment that had points relevant to this article. And now I’m coming dangerously close to violating my own commenting guidelines by engaging in a back and forth about the commenting guidelines. So how bout we just end it here, or take it private. You know how to reach me.

  14. Sorry. Didnt realize that you had other open gun threads. No need to debate it here. It is just my view that he is intensely correct on this issue. And as someone who has frequently criticized and sued the man, I just wanted to be just as quick to acknowledge two areas where I agree with him wholeheartedly.
    Lew from Brooklyn

  15. That’s right. Bloomberg cares more about the revenue raised than any lives saved. He initially just wants to put them in school zones to get his foot in the door. Then he will expand it to major avenues later.

    What’s wrong with signs and the flashing yellow lights around schools where the limit is only 20 mph when school is open Don’t they work well enough? Do people really ignore those lights? If they are ignoring those signs where there are no flashing yellow lights, all they need to do is add flashing lights.

    Is Bloomberg going to make everyone slow down to 20 mph at 3 in the morning when no school is in session, and it is safe to drive at 30 in effect making these school zones speed traps to rake in fines. I bet that’s exactly what will happen.

    If you remember, the first red light cameras were all put up at the last green light just before expressway entrances because that was where the most revenue could be raised. Those locations weren’t chosen to improve safety.

  16. people are frustrated as it is already by damn bike lanes, bus lanes,
    special VIP lanes and etc…with all those lanes come tickets and harassment from
    so called cops with their nasty ego. Also damn median dividers become wider and
    make streets very narrow that cars barely move and create slow moving traffic and
    people lose their patients.

    Sure lets come up with new ponzi scheme lets
    install speeding cameras and hire more pigs in order to harass people and take
    their last dollar….why not, so crooks on top of the food chain can enjoy
    themselves. Bottom line money grab and power control..

    You all should read this

  17. The problem I believe is not with the speed cameras but how they will be implemented. If they were to be put for example on Ocean Parkway somewhere and hit people that were going 50 or higher I am pretty certain people would be more understanding because that would make sense. Instead, they will be used in school zones. Why? They just so happen to be 20 MPH zones. We all know that they would be set to catch anyone going 5 MPH or less over the speed limit not just during school hours but during off-peak hours when school is not in session. It is a waste of money when there are speed bumps and out of sync lights that make it impossible to get anywhere anyway. Has nobody thought that perhaps people are being driven insane by all these traffic snarls? We all pay a boatload of money to drive a car and yet this administration has made it nearly impossible to get around. I continue to ponder in disbelieve how nobody thought of the impact on emergency vehicles, fire trucks, cops that need to get somewhere. Stuck in traffic because a lane was taken away so a potted plant could be placed in the middle of the street. Instead he and Khan caters only to the cyclist. We all got along on the road before Bloomberg rode to town on his high horse. Now he put the cyclers on a pedestal and put cars on the backend simply because he didn’t get his way. This has nothing to do with safety or helping our children stay safe. It has everything to do with punishing as many drivers as possible. It always has been. All these “safety” measures kicked into gear right after congestion pricing was struck down. All these obstacles are only going to continue making matters worse and nobody seems to give 2 craps about that fact and turns a blind eye.

  18. Guns are about the only major issue he’s not overstepping on and even there his approach is wrong.

  19. Dont want special rights. I just want the right to move along like a normal person without anyone watching over me.

  20. The mayor should worry about corruption in his administration and not try to kill the middle class with camaers to punish working people going to work to support the entiteled

  21. A system like this would be a good thing. If you can’t get to where you’re going in time by observing speed limits, get your lazy ass up off the couch 10 minutes earlier.

    I’m not a Bloomberg fan these days, I don’t think anyone is, but I can’t justify going 45 mph down one way streets unless it’s a genuine emergency. Which makes Bloomberg correct in this particular instance.

  22. In addition to what I’ve said above, these cameras will probably go a long way towards solving other crimes besides speeding.

    If you’re an Orwellian who despises cameras, you’ve obviously got something to hide, and I have no sympathy for you when you realize you can’t keep dumping your literal and figurative trash all over the neighborhood anymore.

  23. The only way to get something like this to fly in this town is to provide a generous amount of leeway before the cameras go off.There will wind up being 2 speed limits. The officially posted speed limit, and the exact limit the cameras will ticket people with.

    So if the posted limit is 30/mph, it’ll only trigger when it detects a vehicle doing, say, 41/mph.


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