Bike Shop To Open On Bedford Avenue

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but yet another real estate office has closed. We’re not sure how long ago it happened, since such things kind of pass beneath our notice at this point, but the real estate office at 4175 Bedford Avenue has been replaced with something new.

I passed by earlier today and the new sign was up: Sheepshead Bay is getting a new bike shop! As the sign says RideBikeProGear is opening a bicycle show room and test center. As it turns out, RBPG looks like a well-established internet-based business, glancing at the page it looks like it’s been around a long time. The shop is not open yet so we don’t know just how much local service it’s going to provide, but let’s hope it’s a full-fledged bike shop. The area could use more unique businesses, even if they are just an outlet for a website.

On a slightly related topic, one does wonder what brings such a business to Bedford Avenue. While Bedford is one of the longest  bicycle paths in the city it’s not exactly the safest or most scenic. Maybe the owner is from Sheepshead Bay, or perhaps this is the start of a new trend, where web businesses and dot-coms open offices in more affordable commercial areas outside Manhattan. Either way, RideBikeProGear is more than welcome here. If we can have a scuba shop, why not a bike shop!


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