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Bicyclist Ticket Blitz Sees Hundreds Fined In February


In yet another installment of the never-ending saga of Brooklyn’s bike lanes and the bicyclists who love them, cyclists all over the borough are gnashing their handlebars over an explosion in the amount of traffic tickets they’ve been slapped with this year versus the same time last year.

As reported by the bicycle enthusiasts over at the Brooklyn Paper, nearly 700 summonses were issued to “rogue bikers” in February 2011 as compared to 375 in February of the previous year, and that has cyclists crying foul against the NYPD’s claim of “pedestrian safety” as the motivation behind the costly surge.

The law for cyclists is the same for motorists, who do not always take kindly to their two-wheeled counterparts in Southern Brooklyn, and since the city’s crackdown was announced in January, riders in the more bike lane-friendly Northern Brooklyn claim they were nevertheless caught off guard by the onslaught of costly summonses, for everything from running red lights and riding against traffic to riding on the sidewalk and — in the case of the thrice-ticketed 26-year-old Tejas Singh — for unleashing a barrage of language so salty on the unsuspecting ticketing officer that it would have made South Park’s Eric Cartman blush.

So cyclists, try to keep it inside the lines, er, lanes, and for Pete’s sake — no riding on the sidewalk. You are not 6 years old trying to graduate from training wheels.


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  1. They use the bike lanes without due reguard for others. They have to obey all traffic laws and dont want to stop at red lights. G-d forbid their feet touch the street every few blocks. Watch for car doors opening, etc.
    GOOD… You want the lane…You got the lane…NOW GROW UP !!!!

  2. Those people (not wearing helmets!!) in the picture riding on the Belt Parkway, right next to fast moving traffic are exceptions to the majority of safe cyclists who are trying to just stay alive.

  3. A ticket crackdown is taking place on Avenue V and East 28 Street, where eastbound motorists routinely cruise through the STOP sign at the intersection. These spoiled brats think they are entitled to “make the light” at Nostrand Avenue without regard for the cars heading south on E 28 or pedestrians trying to cross Avenue V. Kudos to the 61 Pct for assigning a marked patrol car at this location and bringing some law and order to this accident prone location.

  4. Now if they could only crack down on the black cars and other assholes who think it’s their right to make a left turn off Ave. Z and onto East 14th Street.I almost got hit three times this week, and it’s only Thursday!

  5. There shouldn’t be a stop sign there. No stop sign, no craziness. These traffic lights and stop signs popping up on side streets do more harm then good. Also, if the lights are in sync, you will have less problems. The city doesn’t care about your well being or mine. These foolish signs are placed strategically. Major roads where traffic lights have resided for years are then set up to be purposefully out of sync to bring in cash and that’s it. Or, where there are no stop signs, they just put up a random privacy busting camera.
    Anyhow, kudos to the cops for giving these damn hipsters the tickets they deserve. Maybe now they will go back to Kenconowa or at least learn they are not above the law.

  6. We (should) all know the law. Hello! bicycles, in reality, are NOT motor vehicles! Where the cars scrape the barnacles off their tires on the curbs, squeezing past each other, I WILL ride on the sidewalk to save my life, while yielding to any pedestrians. Where a vehicle is double parked and I would otherwise be forced to veer into heavy traffic coming from behind me, I will ride on the sidewalk, while yielding to any pedestrians. If and when bicycles (and motorcycles) are given equal respect of space and courtesy, then you’ve got something to say. I’m not holding my breath. In a personal observation, I don’t see too many cars coming to a full stop at stop signs, and plenty of them speeding up dangerously to make a changing signal. Fess up! As a lifelong driver, I know their are a lot of knuckleheads behind the wheel. It doesn’t make me hate all drivers. Try to separate your distaste for hipster stereotypes or the Commissioner of the DOT, with your neighbors trying to save time, money, and put less money in the pocket of the oil sheiks.

  7. Good luck to these coppers if they think they’re gonna ticket me!

    Gotta catch me – tee hee!

  8. The problem there is “yielding to pedestrians”. Yes, there are a number of people like you who actually care about not running someone over, but unfortunately the majority of cyclists in the area wouldn’t give a rats ass if they ran over your toes, let alone knocked you into a hedge. I’ve been nearly topped multiple times by rude and self-entitled cyclists on the sidewalk who were angry and cursing at ME for daring to be in their speeding, unstoppable path when they could just as easily have been in the street in the first place.

  9. I live on Emmons and i ride the sidewalk till I get to the bike path. That’s it. I’m cautious of others but I’m not riding the street.

    I am not risking my life and safety for the drivers who WILL FLOOR IT to get on the belt. How many cars have had accidents and TOTALED other cars on Emmons Ave alone this year? 4, 6, 10???

  10. The laws need to make sense. It should only be against the law not to ride on the sidewalk when pedestrians are present.

  11. i don’t even believe the bicylists posting how considerate they are. I have yet to encounter a SINGLE cyclist who obeyed the traffic rules, nor were considerate of me on the sidewalk. I’m constantly dodging, getting yelled at, shocked with a sudden whistle, etc. You guys are worse than cabbies, and that’s saying a lot.

  12. While I agree, NYC has a long ways to go before bicyclists start obeying the rules of the road as they should, watching for doors opening is the job of the person inside the car, not the bicyclist. If you don’t believe me, look up the code, its the responsibility of the person inside the car to look before opening the door.

  13. This is appalling. NYC has lots of lobbyists and “publicity” going on for a more bicyclist friendly city and now their cracking down on them like bedbug infestations.

    For rules, please visit and inform yourself of riding a bicycle in nyc. Why do you assume you can ride however you wish? Because you don’t need a license for it?

    I have to agree, bicyclists can be demanding of the road at times but seriously, if it’s a bike lane, path, etc and your standing on it, its obvious your wrong cause that’s a designated and labeled path for bicycles. You don’t cross the street when the cars have a right of way either. We all want the law to be different but it isn’t. Just cause you don’t want to get a ticket, doesn’t mean you won’t.

    Get informed and learned the rules and good luck!

    I have to say, I don’t agree with all the rules either, and I wish they changed the wording on some because sometimes there is a real need to ride on the sidewalk. A lot of cars double park or there is some environmental condition that won’t let you ride correctly on the street.

    Just learn to use the correct hand signals, learn to look behind you and be aware of your surroundings. This is NYC!! If you want a mindless, smooth ride, go to a park and do a few laps. Prospect park, central park, pelham park, flushing meadows, all have great bicycle paths for a good time riding the bike.

    I love riding my bike but everyone, bicyclist included, lack of awareness of other people and the rules is ridiculous.


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