Bezos and the BQX, E-Sports Come to Atlantic & More of Today’s Links

bqx rendering
Rendering of BQX. (Credit: Handout)

Yesterday, riders across the subway system were slowed down in their commutes—but one station agent had a scare themselves, when a giant rat chased them from their booth.

There has been a rise in hate crimes across Brooklyn recently—a Jewish man was punched in the head on a Williamsburg street corner this week—and now another has been added to the list: swastikas were discovered on Tuesday after being spray-painted around Greenpoint.

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The BQX Streetcar project has been a major source of debate throughout Brookyln, especially when it comes to funding the billion-dollar project, though the Queens Borough President has an idea: make Amazon pay for it.

Farther down the potential BQX route, there might be a shortage of riders: a new study shows a glut in the supply of rentals in Williamsburg, a likely indicator of anxiety about the coming L train shutdown.

Last week pointed to how Dyker Heights leaders are preparing for the winter crowds. If you want a refresher on the holiday spectacle: check out some photos here. Better get there early if you’re gonna check ’em out, too—CB 10 says it’s lights out at midnight!

Brooklyn’s e-sports enthusiasts geared up to greet their hometown heroes at a pop-up shop on Atlantic, facing off for fun against the Overwatch team from the New York Excelsior.

An SUV flipped over in Bay Ridge over the weekend, sending two occupants to the hospital with minor injuries. Another recent wreck had Bay Ridge councilmember Justin Brannan on Twitter encouraging drivers to slow down:

Down in Sheepshead Bay, a collision between a truck and a freight van damaged the Brennan & Car restaurant, but the shop managed to open just a few hours later!

A new study shows that Flatbush streets are among the most flooded in the city—though after last weekend, Midwood residents might have something to say about that…

Check out an in-depth history of mansions, streetside staircases and the history behind Bay Ridge’s eponymous ridge.

Finally, Black Friday might be over, but the deals being offered on Brooklyn housing in a recent “flash sale” show the results of a major development boom: it’s a buyer’s market these days.

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