Bensonhurst Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

Aiello and Msgr. Cassato. Source:

Much has been said about the light displays in Dyker Heights. Now, Bensonhurst residents have decided to get in on the action.

The St. Athanasius Church at 2154 61st Street set up decorations and lit up a Christmas tree in front of the rectory after Mass last week. Along with Santa, Hollywood actors Quintin Aaron and Danny Aiello participated in the festivities, according to the The Tablet.

Aiello even sang Christmas carol duets with Monsignor David Cassato to the musical accompaniment of the Dixieland Band.

Three homes on 82nd Street have also went all out decorating their homes in festive lights.

The homeowners have been banding together for years to create a large display. According to News 12, they want to make their display bigger every year.