Baptist Missionaries Spread the Word…Outside P.S. 282?

Baptist Missionaries Spread the Word…Outside P.S. 282?

The offending flyer. photo credit: DNAinfo/Leslie Albrecht

A group of missionaries from Concord Baptist Church in South Carolina have been flying outside P.S. 282 on 6th Ave, reports DNAinfo, and Park Slope parents aren’t pleased. Apparently, church members were “urging” kids to take flyers advertising vacation Bible school.

But even putting the obvious religious issues aside, the situation has been troubling — largely because of the fundamental mismatch between the Concord missionaries and the diverse demographics of the school. Or as parent Ernestine Heldring puts it:

“Every summer they truck these kids [the missionaries] up to proselytize. It’s a brand of Christianity that’s homophobic and homogenous, and I find it oppressive to have three white guys standing there making it impossible for kids to pass without taking a flier.”

Have you (or your child) encountered the missionaries around the school?