Bainbridge Staff Arrives, But Fails To Silence Alarm

After yet another night of the blaring “alarm from hell,” the Bainbridge Adult Day Care Center’s alarm (3093 Ocean Avenue) still goes strong. Building workers returned this morning and are attempting to shut it down. But when staffers from Assemblyman Cymbrowitz’s office passed by again around 9:30 a.m. they called the center and the workers there were “very apologetic” about the disturbance. Nevertheless, Cymbrowitz’s team “impressed on them” that they must leave a contact number with their office and with the police department so they can be reached if it happens in the future. Bainbridge employees said they will “get back” to Cymbrowitz. Information about fines or whether they have given over the contact information had not yet been received by the 61st Precinct’s Community Affairs division when Sheepshead Bites called.

A reader also just wrote in, saying:

Carol W our board of directors went to the senior citizens center today. She stated her case and said why isn’t there an emergency number posted where someone can be reached.  You owe this neighborhood a collective apology since you kept us all up for 4 days.She was told they know the alarm is broken and asked her to leave the building. Carol is very polite and soft spoken. I’m more like a pit bull. Anyway after the rudeness of the people there she contacted Carl Krugar’s office and called 311 noise control. She was given a case number with the Dept of Environmental Protection agency. The damn alarm is still going off. I guess the repair people haven’t arrived yet.