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B Train Service Restored To Brighton Beach!

Source: Wikipedia

The B train is back, baby!

We all celebrated the return of Q train service to as far south as Brighton Beach yesterday, but lamented the fact that B trains were not traveling any farther south than Kings Highway.

Well, the MTA has just announced that B trains now operate between Bedford Park Boulevard and Brighton Beach in both directions.

One more step on the path to recovery.

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  1. While I applaud the MTA for getting some sort of service back as fast as they did, after spending 3 hours on several trains, and ultimately a shared cab with three other passengers, yesterday I can’t help but call BULLSHIT on their claims that the trains are up and “restored”.

    The trains may be running, but the conductors themselves don’t know where they will end up going. B trains are being rerouted over the D line. Q trains are being decomsioned mid-route altogether, and all of this while they are packed to the brim like its rush hour in Japan. (


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