Ave U’s New Star Racks Up 105 Violation Points

Two Asian eateries were closed recently by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for unsanitary conditions, one of which received a staggering 105 violation points.

New Star Seafood Restaurant at 1217-1221 Avenue U was closed after a laundry list of violations was issued in at least 15 areas. Just a sampling of the complaints includes evidence of mice and roaches, food was not protected from potential contamination, hot food was not held at adequate temperatures, food preparation surfaces were not cleaned, and handwashing areas even lacked soap. Workers were even scolded in the DOH report for their personal cleanliness, with the inspector observing soiled garments and lack of hair restraints.

The restaurant was shut down on Friday, October 15, but a sign in the door (placed next to the DOH sign) said they were closed for renovation and would be reopened yesterday. As of today they are still closed.

Meanwhile, Yoshinoya Sushi at 1741 Sheepshead Bay Road (off of Shore Parkway) was closed yesterday for mice, rats and roaches, as well as improper storage of cold food items. They accumulated 45 points, largely for critical violations.