At Least the Raccoons Probably Aren’t Happy About It Either

At Least the Raccoons Probably Aren’t Happy About It Either

At 23rd St, via CCGH

According to the Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights, raccoons — so adorable! so unpleasant! — are hitting South Slope/Greenwood in droves this summer, and their all-night partying isn’t making them a hit with the neighbors. But unless you’re a raccoon-whisperer, there’s not much to be done about the critters:

NYC Animal Control will not trap “part of the local flora and fauna” unless the animal looks diseased (the[n] they tell you to call 911!). So folks are left to deal with the mess, smell, noise and of course, disease issues (round worm, rabies, mites, fleas, etc.). Unfortunately the only “legal” way to deal with the issues is to hire a professional trapper. Some of you may remember this from two years ago (and $2,000 later) here, here, here, or here.

In the past few years, there have been a handful of different attempts to pass legislation that would shift the responsibility for “humanely relocating” raccoons to city government. So far, though, nothing’s come of it, which is why the group is trying to drum up support for a letter-writing campaign urging elected officials to give it another go.

Have you had any trouble with the furry foragers this summer? Other than double-bagging your trash, got any tips for happy coexistence?