Artists Show Work in Annual SONYA Studio Stroll

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Seventy members of South of the Navy Yard Artists, or SONYA, participated in the organization’s 14th annual Studio Stroll this past weekend, welcoming viewers into industrial spaces, home studios, galleries and shops throughout the nabe and parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Prospect Heights.

“It really makes me feel connected to the community and our community of artists,” said SONYA President Ellie Balk, whose public murals, “You Are Here” and “Soundwaves,” were marked on the stroll map.

In his studio on the sixth floor of 47 Hall Street, painter Michael Miller also appreciated the openness of the event.

“People from the local neighborhood walk by these buildings all the time, but they don’t necessarily know what’s going on inside,” he said.

Balk said that SONYA has yet to determine the precise number of viewers who signed the various artists’ mailing lists along the stroll, but said that approximately eighty viewers visited some locations.

On Sunday afternoon, we  strolled to studios on Hall Street, Myrtle Avenue, Adelphi Street and Carlton Avenue. Here’s a sampling of what we saw.