Architecture Student Misses Building

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Actually, this post really should have been titled, Local Architecture Student Starts Blog To Save Manhattan Beach Architecture, But From The Looks Of It, It’s Too Late — but, that wouldn’t have fit into the allotted space.

The blog — dedicated to news and information related to the address 230 Corbin Place (between Oriental Boulevard & the Atlantic Ocean) — is run by, Valerie, a Manhattan Beach resident and student of architecture. When Valerie first saw the house on the 40 ft x 144.58 ft lot being razed, she expressed her feeling of loss of the old-style Manhattan Beach buildings by doing what any preservationistic, nostalgic, young person would do — she researched and documented it!

But to top it all off, she started a blog to share her passion for her neighborhood. This is the kind of thing to which we at Sheepshead Bites can really relate.

Her last post was in February, so that just leads us to believe that she’s busy trying to get her degree. Until then, you can still catch up with some the previous posts. They are chock full of useful information about how she visited the City Register and the Department of Finance to dig into the house’s history.

Property Shark shows that the house last sold on March 28, 2008 for $800,000. Since then, it has been demolished. We’ll all be waiting to see how the new owner, Vadem Brodsky, and his architectural firm will make use of that valuable land.

If anyone has any updated information or photographs of any work that may be underway, be sure to shoot our Editor an e-mail.


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