And Now for Something Completely Different, South Slope Gets a New Bar

And Now for Something Completely Different, South Slope Gets a New Bar

And so many more

As North Slope is consumed by frozen yogurt, South Slope is fast becoming drinks central, which is saying something, since there wasn’t exactly a shortage before. Since October, though, at least 7 new bars have opened up — let’s take stock of the inventory:

In October, we got Mary’s Bar, a classic neighborhood joint  at 5th Ave and 22nd Street.

Then in December, The Sea Witch jumped aboard the South Slope train (ship?), pouring brews and slinging burgers in a “low-key nautical” setting less on 5th Ave between 21st and 22nd Streets — less than a block away from Mary’s.

In May, The Monro Pub took over the Puppets Jazz space and established itself as the area’s only truly English-style watering hole 10 blocks north, on 5th Ave between 11th and 12th Streets.

At almost the same time, Skylark Bar opened up directly across the street, replacing the former Timboo’s. And while The Monro is all about channeling jolly ol’ England, this retro-inspired place has got a grandma’s house vibe going on (“Grandma’s house in a good way,” assures Here’s Park Slope).

But then everyone was like, you know what South Slope needs? A bar. And so there were more: The Owl Farm opened where Harry Boyland’s once was, featuring pinball and a noteworthy beer selection. On 9th Street between 4th and 5th, it’s not exactly South Slope, but it also doesn’t feel like North Slope (North South Slope? South North Slope?)

A week later, before we could catch our breath and/or recover our livers, Greenwood Park opened on 7th Ave (!) between 19th and 20th Streets, and has since made waves as the only beer garden in the area.

And as of last Thursday, there’s one more: Prospect Bar, at 5th Ave (surprise!) between 14th and 15th Streets. HPS says the Irish pub has 22 beers on tap plus an extensive liquor collection, but the main thing the place has going for it might be its size — it’s “far and away the biggest watering hole in the area,” complete with a gorgeous backyard.

Have you tried any of the new places? Rants, raves, reviews?