All Drivers Scatter Post Crash, One Arrested

Photo by Hillel Lichtenstein/Bklyner

Early Tuesday morning, around 12:30 am, a vehicle was making a right turn from Ocean Parkway onto Foster Avenue when another vehicle driving southbound on Ocean Parkway service road sped through the stop sign and hit the vehicle making the turn, and then flipped over it landing on top of two other vehicles parked on the service road between Foster Ave & Elmwood Ave.

Photo by Hillel Lichtenstein/Bklyner

Both drivers fled the scene, the driver of the overturned vehicle fled by foot along with the other passengers except one who stayed on scene. After a brief search, the driver was arrested by the NYPD. The other vehicle fled the scene as well, though came back a short while later, the driver claiming he just panicked.

Photo by Hillel Lichtenstein/Bklyner

NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit was at the scene of the accident to remove the vehicle which landed on top of two other vehicles.

No injuries have been reported despite the extensive property damage.

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