‘Alex Strangelove’ Filming In Ditmas Park This Week

Spotted on Marlborough Road between Beverley Road and Church Ave

Production crews for Alex Strangelove, a teen comedy feature from Netflix, will be taking over both sides of Marlborough Road between Beverley Road and Church Avenues starting Tuesday night, May 16.

The movie stars new teen heartthrob Daniel Doheny as high school senior Alex Truelove, writes Variety, on a quest to lose his virginity as a “hilarious and heartbreaking exploration of modern manhood.”

Production crews will be filming on Wednesday, May 17, Thursday, May 18, and Monday, May 22 — close to where ‘Orange Is The New Black’ filmed last summer.

Cars must be moved by 10pm before each filming date, according to signs.

“As guests in your neighborhood, we will make every effort to be respectful and minimize disruption,” states a sign from the crew, noting that if you have deliveries, a moving date, construction, or any other special needs to call the location department at 646-863-7521.

Cars that are still hanging around the No Parking Zone spots risk getting towed to a nearby legal parking spot by the tow truck cadre. But don’t worry, if this happens to you simply call 311 or the NYC Office of Entertainment and Media at 212-489-6710 for help locating your car.

If you spot the crew filming, send us photos with the cross-streets where you saw it to editor@bklyner.com and we’ll post it to the blog.

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