Al Pacino’s Sheepshead Movie Shoot

(Photo courtesy of Arthur B.)
(Photo courtesy of Arthur B.)

OMG! Are you feelin’ absolutely fabulous? I know I am, and it’s not just because Sheepshead Bay has played host to the stars twice in as many weeks. If you don’t remember, Drew Barrymore visited the first week of August to film a new rom-com at Russian


hangout, Rasputin. Well, yesterday, a new Al Pacino film titled You Don’t Know Jack, was seen shooting around Avenue U and Nostrand Avenue.

The HBO biopic centers around the life and work of doctor-assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian. Pacino plays Dr. K, while Susan Sarandon plays Janet Good, one of his most prominent patients. John Goodman – curiously – plays Kevorkian’s assistant, Neal Nicol, who is perhaps the only person in the history of humankind without a Wikipedia page. While we don’t know if any of these stars were actually present for the shoot, we’re going to say they were – because what’s celebrity reporting without a little bit of uncomfirmed rumors!

But of course, their potential presence isn’t what’s making me feel ab-fab (absolutely fabulous, for you geezers). It’s that I’ve got a direct line to Al Pacino’s crotch (what-what?!). You see, in the movie Pacino rides an old 60s bike that was rented from my girfriend’s old roommate. The bike was kept in the dark, near the entrance to the apartment, and every time I walked in – BAM! – nailed in the nuts by the handle bar, then in the shin by the pedal. Every time. And now Pacino is riding that bike. My nuts and Pacino’s nuts are a mere two degrees of separation! AB-FAB!

(Photos – and tip – courtesy of Arthur B.)


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