After Arrest, Ft. Hamilton Teacher Quits Instead Of Facing Hearing

Jennifer Milo (source: NY Post)

A Fort Hamilton High School teacher who made “Columbine-style” threats in March has chosen to leave her job instead of facing a termination hearing.

According to the New York Post, teacher Sabrina Milo resigned last Wednesday after admitting to using “inappropriate language that caused a disruption.”

Milo allegedly told a colleague in the teacher’s lounge that she wanted to bring a machine gun under her trench coat, saying that it would be “Columbine all over again,” after being reprimanded by an assistant principal.

After Milo was arrested for making a terrorist threat, a grand jury decided it did not have sufficient evidence to indict her.

She had reportedly already been sent to the DOE’s “rubber room” – where teachers on paid leave are assigned to show up – for disciplinary issues last year. The strikes already against Milo include allegedly “tapping” one student on the wrist with a ruler and mocking another student’s ethnicity.