A Union Agrees: Cablevision Stinks

Cablevision Speeds, via CWA

Think your Cablevision internet speeds are slow? According to a recent report by the Communication Workers of America, you’re not wrong. Brownstoner points to the report, which notes that the average download speed for customers in Brooklyn is far slower than for customers in the Bronx.

The report also lists a number of equipment issues spotted around the borough, including low-hanging wires, outdated equipment boxes, cable lines near power lines, broken hardware, and more. They say some of this could impact service, as well as create safety issues.

Not surprisingly, when the CWA randomly surveyed about 700 people in Brooklyn about their Cablevision service, they say “most were dissatisfied with the quality of the services provided,” and that “most believed they were paying too much for their services.”

For its part, Cablevision sued the CWA last month for making defamatory claims about the company’s internet service.

Are you satisfied with your Cablevision internet service, or is FiOS looking more and more attractive?