78th Precinct to Cover More of Prospect Heights

78th Precinct to Cover More of Prospect Heights
The 78th Precinct Building

Photo via www.policeny.com

In keeping with its actual physical location, starting in October the 78th Precinct will be responsible for the area between Vanderbilt Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, from Hanson Place in Fort Greene up to Plaza Street East.This will change the 77th Precinct’s border to begin with the East side of Vanderbilt Avenue.

The new Barclay’s arena will be within the new 78th Precinct jurisdiction, while the 77th will cover the Atlantic Center in Fort Greene. The new precinct outlines were announced at a community meeting held Wednesday night by Coucilwoman Letitia James. The change won’t be official until approved by the City Council, but is expected to pass. To handle the enlarged area, the 78th is expected to get additional officers through new recruitment.


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