5 Businesses Sheepshead Bay Needs

There is a wide variety of businesses in Sheepshead Bay. We’ve got great restaurants, boutique clothing and shoe stores, pharmacies, cell phone stores, salons, knick-knackeries, cafes and so forth. But we’re lacking a few establishments that will add flavor to Sheepshead Bay while keeping many from leaving the ‘hood to fulfill their wants. Here’s my top five of what businesses Sheepshead Bay needs. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section.

  1. A used book store. Sure, we’ve got a library, but it’s a pitiful one. A used book store would give us more options, especially one that sells both English- and Russian-language literature. It would also be a great cultural point for the bay, where people can meet to discuss books, have book readings, etc.
  2. An outdoor place to eat and drink on the waterfront. From Stella Maris down to the Brigham Street Park, we’ve got a nice swath of waterside property that fails to satisfy my desire to have an evening drink or a nice lunch sitting directly on the water. A few of the restaurants have enclosed areas with windows looking out onto the bay, but I’d prefer to be outdoors enjoying a salty breeze. We’ve got the property, we should maximize it, even if it means a seasonal business.
  3. A music venue. For the love of god, a music venue! Having to go to Bay Ridge, Williamsburg, or the city to satisfy my desire to hear live bands kicking out tunes is a real pity. I should be able to plan a weekend that involves seeing a band without leaving the neighborhood. This is New York City for chrissakes!
  4. An art gallery. Before starting Sheepshead Bites, I thought this neighborhood was dead in terms of art. I figured Sheepshead just didn’t raise artists, and artists sure as hell didn’t move here. Well, I’ve been proven wrong a number of time. This site has introduced me to dozens of artists born, raised, and/or living here. Photographers, graphic designers, sketch artists, sculptors… they’re here! Unfortunately, you’d never know it because there’s no place for them to connect to each other or the community. Instead they showcase their art elsewhere. But having an art gallery in Sheepshead Bay would provide a launching pad for many of these local artists, and attract others to the area. And, of course, it would bring our neighborhood together.
  5. Good Latin food. Please, no more soggy tacos made by Chinese/Mexican fusion places. I want real, authentic Latin food. Good guacamole, hearty burritos, and maybe even a juicy empanada. And dare I suggest that Sheepshead Bay – a seafood haven – ought to have a good place to buy ceviche?


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