Kindergarten Co(o)p

Kindergarten Co(o)p

A Park Slope co-op preschool is looking for a girl to round out their class for fall ’12. The sign tells the story:

Once upon a time in Park Slope there was a parent-run playgroup. Three times a week they met and played almost all day together with their teacher. She was from the best teachers school in the whole wide world, Bank Street College. Her assistant was great too. The children’s parents took turns hosting the playgroup in their homes. Other than that, there was almost nothing for them to do while the kids were learning. The student to teacher ratio was 1:4*, and still they only paid $650 per month! It was fantastic!
But one day they all realized they needed a three or four year old girl to balance their play group. As soon as possible, too! A little girl with parents that are involved and engaged. Could this be you?

If you’re in the market, contact Sarah ASAP (preferably before 9/28) at (646) 288-3406 or email

*Probably the student to teacher ratio is actually 4:1?


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