Youth Programming at the Y ignites the spark in every child (Sponsored)

Courtesy of YMCA Prospect Park

A new school year means a fresh start for kids—a chance to start new routines and habits, build new friendships and discover new possibilities and interests. Back-to-school is a fresh start for youth and the people who care for them. As children transition from summer to fall, the YMCA is offering programs to school-aged children and teens throughout Brooklyn to keep youth active, busy and engaged during out-of-school time. Through a holistic approach to youth development, the Y’s programs offer activities in a caring and safe environment during the critical hours after school. Whether through sports, arts, mentorship, or academic support, the Y’s program staff nurtures the potential of youth throughout the school year.

Courtesy of YMCA Prospect Park

At the end of the day when the school bell rings, 11.3 million kids are headed home to be unsupervised from 3 to 6 p.m, according to the Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit public awareness advocacy organization. With a new school year about to begin, the YMCA encourages parents/caregivers to make sure that children are involved in safe, educational experiences after school hours.

Courtesy of YMCA Prospect Park

The Y is a leading nonprofit committed to nurturing the potential of every child and teen, supporting their social-emotional, cognitive and physical development from birth to adulthood.

In YMCA program’s youth enjoy:

  • Sports
  • Swim
  • Arts
  • Y Clubs
  • Mentorship

Other benefits include:

  • Character Development
  • Social Competence
  • Personal Development
  • Literacy
  • Diversity and Cultural Awareness

Financial assistance is available to those in need, to ensure every child and teen has the opportunity to learn and grow at the Y.

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