Randazzo’s To Open Sheepshead Bay Rd Sandwich Shop

Source: BSH Shooter/Flickr

There is going to be beef on this block. Roast beef. And maybe corned beef. Probably pastrami, too.

Randazzo’s Clam Bar (2023 Emmons Avenue) is opening up a sandwich shop on Sheepshead Bay Road between East 15th Street and East 16th Street, putting the shop, set to open up this month, within a five block radius of several key sandwich places in the area.

“People will be able to get a quick bite to eat [at our sandwich shop], but it’s still going to be high quality because the products are going to come from Randazzo’s,” said Joey Randazzo in the Courier’s Life Brooklyn Daily article.

The famous seafood restaurant is hoping to target the commuters along Sheepshead Bay Road.

“There’s a lot of people coming and going [along Sheepshead Bay Road],” said Randazzo. “We think it’s a great location.”

Sheepshead Bay already has Jimmy’s Famous Heroes, Bassett Deli & Caterers, Roll-N-Roaster and Brennan and Carr, but Randazzo sees it differently.

“There’s no place to get a good hero in Sheepshead Bay,” he said.

Even with Randazzo’s expansion and the owner’s fighting words, some in the community are willing to accept the challenge.

“As long as the quality remains the same, our customers will keep coming here,” said Frank D’Antonio, a manager of the Bassett Deli.

Tell us where you guys are planning to eat at. Let us know where you’re loyalty lies!