10th Annual Brighton Grandmother Pageant This Sunday

A photo from last year's pageant (Source: Be Proud Foundation)

Now that Russian Dolls is canceled, I bet you’re feeling a little nostalgic about missing all that “zis iz vat happens ven you Russian” razmataz. So we’ve got just the thing for you…

Be Proud Foundation’s Your Highness Grandmother Pageant, taking place this Sunday, November 13!

For those of you sad sacks that paid close attention to Russian Dolls, the pageant was the setting of the series premiere, when Marina Levitis set the bar for spoiled little trollops everywhere by throwing a temper tantrum and clop-clop-clopping her hooves out of there while her mother-in-law won an award.

Now you can relive the moment for just $15 – yes, only $15! The pageant (which is not Russian-only, but, being in Brighton Beach, is Russian-dominated) is celebrating its 10th year. Twelve grandmothers will strut their stuff before a judging committee of grandfathers – including newly-minted grandpa Councilman Mike Nelson – all aiming to redefine what it means to be in their golden age.

“Age is just a number,” said Raisa Chernina, the founder of Be Proud Foundation and the pageant. “Our grandmothers love life and they show us how to keep this triumph of life regardless of the age.”

This year there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep things lively, too. The organizers have added a special category called “Costume of Your Homeland” competition, in which competitors will don “eye-popping” dresses from their native country. The new category comes from Be Proud Foundation’s mission to promote friendship between peoples of different culture. I really hope there’s a Brazilian there; I’ve heard good things about Brazil’s traditional attire. Oh, wait, we’re talking about grandmothers, right?…

When: Sunday, November 13 at 1 p.m.
Where: “National” Restaurant, 273 Brighton Beach Avenue
Tickets: $15.00