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Poll: Should NYPD Commish Ray Kelly Run For Mayor?


There’s a big hubbub over the future career of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. Republicans are trying to draft him, even setting up the financial and political network he needs. The Daily News says “go for it,” and also says that voters want him to go for it, too. Capital New York reports that there aren’t any other viable option for Republicans. Crain’s says it’s “nonsense” and, besides, he’s too old to run anyway.

As for Kelly, he’s reportedly not ruling it out, but says he’s a big fan of supermarket magnate John Catsimatidis.

What do you think? Should Kelly run?

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  1. Last thing I would want is a police state, one could argue they are too overbearing as it is. I also don’t want to see another business man/real estate magnate running, take a look at Manhattan and its chain store culture. What happened to the mom and pop shops? Almost all gone due to the rising rents but hey at least there’s a Chase ATM every other block. Thanks Bloomberg! 

  2. Am I the only one that thinks Ned would make a good Mayor? Robert could be police commissioner.  And Erica could be Council Speaker!  Lets get a polldaddy poll going!

  3. How are rising rents,and the decline of mom and pop stores Bloombergs fault? Maybe it’s Bush’s fault too.

  4. He has been around too long. The NYPD has been having it’s problems with cops lately. He should worry less about shooting down a terrorist plane,and put the cops in those special units on the street.

  5. I don’t really know—he doesn’t really have too much fiscal experience and that is what is really needed…a businessman who can then delegate. I do agree that Bloomberg does not deserve a 4th term, however.

  6. Having predicted a Romney-Rubio ticket months ago, I just have to jump on this one.

    While Kelly has been an effective, if controversial, Police Commissioner, he would be over his head, and a disaster, as Mayor, and an unsuccessful candidacy could put a sunset on his law enforcement career.  My guess is that he will stay where he is through the November election, with the hope that a successful Romney will tap him to head either the FBI or DHS.  If Romney doesn’t make it, Kelly could still emerge in 2013 as a dark horse, or as in response of a desperate GOP draft, although I suspect that The Donald will again throw his hubris into the ring with a campaign promise to keep Kelly on as Police Commissioner if elected.

    Trump knows NYC much better than he does national or international issues, and, with his own deep pockets and a cascading plethora of support from the city’s deep pocketed real estate industry, he would relish a joust with the pro-tenant Christine Quinn, who no doubt reminds him of another chunky Irish lesbian for whom he still harbors some unresolved antipathy.

    The question is whether Trump will be willing to step far enough away from his business holdings to avoid any conflict of interest, and whether he would be willing to risk an
    embarrassing defeat in a citywide contest in which the few Republican victors have been regarded as liberals.

  7. I think NY is tired of having a rich billionaire as mayor. Of course he would act in the interests of the rich and for his friends, just like the present mayor.

  8. [email protected]

    What are you people talking about Kelly would make a great Mayor! We need someone like Kelly to control all the crime. Once a Marine always a Marine. Born & raised in NYC. He has been around for over 25 years.  If you people would read more you would know that Bloomberg doesn’t have anything to do with Chase being on every block. As for Bill Thompson former NYC comptroller/Board of Eduation personal perosn he has done nothing correct in his carrer. Everything he touches turns to dirt.

  9. How would him being mayor give him more power to control crime than he has as police commissioner. If he is that good, the new mayor will keep him as commissioner. A mayor needs other qualifications besides being a good police commissioner, and not everyone even agrees with that. Many feel the crime statistics are doctored.

  10. Giuliani was said to have been an effective anti-crime mayor, yet he was taken to court more than two dozen times by the ACLU and NYCLU on Constitutional issues and lost nearly all of the cases.  Perhaps, having been a Federal prosecutor, he spent so many years in an adversarial relationship with Constitutional protections that he may have developed some problems with the document he took an oath to uphold and defend.

    As for Kelly, we are a nation of laws, not tough ex-marines.  The question regarding Kelly’s fitness to be Mayor would not be his toughness on crime, but, rather, his administrative ability outside of a law enforcement setting, and whether he could serve the needs and meet the expectations of the city’s myriad population segments, something the current Mayor is finding increasingly harder to do.

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