Is This The Solution To GoogaMooga-Type Problems In Prospect Park?


prospect park white dinner via handmade events
If you are walking around Prospect Park on Saturday, June 28 between 5 and 10pm, you may encounter something a little bit more bourgeois than expected. In fact, probably a lot more. Almost 5,000 people are expected to be in the park, dressed all in white, lined up at table clothed tables, downing Champagne in a romantic blur of starlight and candlesticks.

HandMade Events, in partnership with Acura and the Prospect Park Alliance, are bringing their PopUp Dinner series to Brooklyn–this time to feature a secret musical artist who apparently “played to a sold out crowd at Prospect Park in 2013.”

Tickets are now on sale for $35, which essentially buys a seat at one of the tables provided by HandMade, and all proceeds will be going to the Prospect Park Alliance. Decorations, such as the tablecloth and candles, as well as the food and drink, the participants bring themselves.

In the past, large, ticketed events such as this one have caused some spurn from the community. The Great GoogaMooga flooded Prospect Park with foodies on the prowl, limiting sections of the public space to paying customers only, and damaging sections of grass. Next month’s mob will be a fraction of the 40,000 people who were estimated to have come for GoogaMooga, but it’s still quite a few people heading to the park for the night.

What are your thoughts on events like this–do they have redeeming qualities that GoogaMooga didn’t? Would you pay $35 to have a picnic wearing something you’d likely (okay, we’d likely) stain, as long as it was going to a good cause? Should park-goers be allowed to drink alcohol if they pay for such an event, but not otherwise? And do you think the grass will make it out alive?

Photo via HandMade Events

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  1. This is NY. People are going to ruin everything, including the park. You can accept this brute fact of city life or you can move to the country or the suburbs.

  2. Comparing GoogaMooga and this Pop-up dinner is unfair, in my opinion. GoogaMooga was an elaborate 2-day event intended to turn a profit for the organizer. This dinner is a much smaller event and is a non-profit fundraiser for the park itself.
    Regardless, on any given summer weekend, there are thousands of people having picnics and BBQs, many of whom leave a huge mess behind. People don’t seem to realize gatherings of 20 or more people require a permit, so the park can provide enough garbage cans and sanitation. I’m much more concerned about that constant disregard for the park than these occasional events.

  3. Right, because the boathouse/picnic house never have “something a little bit more bourgeois” going on during summer weekends. And Celebrate Brooklyn doesn’t have ticketed concerts for $50 (paying customers only!), with thousands of people in attendance, drinking sanctioned alcohol – I don’t see the “community” “spurning” these events. And of the thousands of people in the park on an avg Sat/Sun summer night to sit on/eat on/play on the grass, a good percentage would likely be considered “bourgeois.” I think it is safe to say PP has plenty of “bourgeois” events that rope off sections of the park to paying customers only, so singling this one out just because of the attire of the people/tables is a bit selective. I’d just propose that the people in attendance should also help with the clean up and take their garbage home with them, just to set a good example for future events like these.

    Putting this event in the same article as the infamous Goog is just baiting. This isn’t 40k people, it isn’t 100 food/drink vendors, and it isn’t an all day/weekend event.

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