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Almondine Needs Our Help


With things so normal here in South Slope, it’s easy to forget that parts of the city are still in dire straits because of Sandy. The owner of South Slope’s Almondine is one of those struggling to recover.

The cozy French bakery’s older sister in Dumbo was completely flooded when Sandy struck last month, causing catastrophic damage to its basement kitchen. As the baked goods for both locations originate in this Dumbo kitchen, owner Hervé Poussot’s business was shuttered.

Fortunately, friends and neighbors of Poussot have joined together to form Friends of Almondine, a grassroots effort to raise money for the struggling chef. According to their website:

He has no way to bake, no way to make a living. He still doesn’t have full power. The damages are so extensive, he’s still assessing the situation and figuring out what his options are — but Hervé is committed to rebuilding his business.

We’re a group of friends and neighbors who want to help him reopen. Working as the Friends of Almondine, we set up this campaign on his behalf. All funds raised go directly to Hervé, to be used initially for immediate needs and then to help with major rebuilding expenditures. He needs help to not default on financial obligations, he needs to pay employees for work done, and he’ll need to replace all the destroyed equipment.

If you’re able, please consider making a donation to help Chef Poussot get back on his feet. The neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without him.

Photo via Friends of Almondine

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