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Update on the NYC Green Infrastructure Plan Shows More Bioswales and Greenstreets to Come


bioswales via NYC DEP

It’s been over two years since NY Department of Environmental Protection released the NYC Green Infrastructure Plan. The plan proposed methods of improving water quality that combined “green infrastructure,” such as swales and green roofs, with investments to improve the existing system.

At the Park Slope Civic Council’s Trustees Meeting on January 3, director of capital planning and partnerships Margot Walker outlined the current scope of the program. Her presentation included information on budgeting (estimated $192 million in total), and focused on right-of-way bioswales–small patches of plants, trees, and rocks that help prevent flooding by absorbing rainwater, seen already at Dean Street and Fourth Avenue.

She also outlined updates on Stormwater Greenstreets, a citywide beautification program that was launched in 1996. The plan will create porous pavement, rain gardens, and turf fields through a retrofitting process at 24 sites, four of which are in Brooklyn.

Walker also discussed the 2013 Green Infrastructure Grant Program, which has allotted up to $6 million for green infrastructure projects such as rain gardens and green roofs on private property. Those interested in applying have until February 19 to submit their applications. More information is available here.

If you’d like to see Walker’s presentation in full, it’s available for download in two parts, here and here.

Image via NYC DEP

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