Liena Zagare

Publisher & Editor | @lienazagare

Liena was born in Latvia, then part of the Soviet Union. After graduating from LSE with a degree in Economics, Liena worked for the IFC in Central and Eastern Europe, on a variety of investment projects. Seeing what unfettered development can do to cities led her to pursue a degree in Urban Planning from NYU, and start Ditmas Park Blog in 2007 – one of the earliest online neighborhood news sites in the city covering the bit of Flatbush where she had settled with her family in 2005. After selling the sites to AOL, Liena briefly worked for Patch, leaving in 2012 to start Corner Media to provide neighbors with community news through Ditmas Park Corner and its sister sites in a manner that would serve the needs of the neighborhoods best.  They have since all become Bklyner. Liena is fluent in Latvian, Russian, and English.