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‘Coney Art Walls’ Is Back and Better Than Ever

‘Coney Art Walls’ Is Back and Better Than Ever

Artist: Ganzeer (Photo: Thor Equities)Do you remember walking past beautifully decorated walls on Stillwell Ave [/funky-shipping-containers-house-and-street-art-at-smorgasburg-coney-island-photos-bensonhurst/] ? Well, the 2017 Coney Art Walls season has officially begun with brand new artwork to capture your attention. Like every year, the development company Thor Equities organized the public art wall project. And

Sara Erenthal: Keep On Moving On
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Sara Erenthal: Keep On Moving On

Sara Erenthal, Three “subconscious self-portraits” spotted on St. Marks Place (Photo by Nathan Haselby)Chances are, walking in or around Park Slope, you’ve encountered Sara Erenthal. The artist often leaves her mark on storefronts [/from-ultra-orthodox-jewish-sect-to-street-artist-sara-erenthal-shows-her-three-selves-parkslopestoop/] , mattresses, or other discarded items on the sidewalk that might make a good canvas

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Businesses Put Graffiti Artists To Good Use

Recently we ran an article that covered a graffiti problem on East 19th Street [/east-19th-street-a-haven-for-graffiti/] and other places [/artists-put-their-mark-on-local-subway-stations/] (and here [/southern-brooklyn-criminals-still-plague-us/], here [/redfish-smoking-graffiti-flyers-raises-q-1/], here [/nyp-nazi-graffiti-back-in-bay/]and here [/bolshevik-criminal-plague-graffiti-plagu/]). It began to look like Sheepshead Bites is anti-graffiti, but in reality this blog’s editor, Ned Berke, i